‘S.W.A.T.’ Star Shemar Moore Reveals the Show Is Filming in Thailand

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to traveling a bit, S.W.A.T. is taking it to another level as Shemar Moore and the cast are in Thailand. Yes, Moore, who plays Sgt. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson on the CBS drama, is right there in the middle of all the action. The TV show will be airing new episodes later this fall as part of the network’s Friday night lineup.

When will these action scenes make their way onto your TV screen? We don’t know but they’re not over in Thailand on vacation, OK? Moore talks about the experience a little bit in his caption of these snippets. Fans who watch the show regularly know that “Hondo” spent some time in Mexico after losing his major gig on the team. But he came back and is better than ever. Moore does a great job as part of this show and there’s never a dull moment. Well, let’s take look and see what Moore is sharing with all of us on a Wednesday.

Yes indeed, the fans were busy in the comments section of Moore’s Instagram account. One wrote, “Such a wonderful experience. You guys are out there working hard. Hope you get at least 2-3 days rest when you get back to LA. Reset-recharge-ready to go! ” Another one said, “Wow, first off; what a beautiful location and second, I’m so stoked and cannot wait for the episode to come out.”

Don’t Look For ‘S.W.A.T.’ Star Shemar Moore On ‘Criminal Minds’

We agree that we, too, cannot wait to see this episode of S.W.A.T. that airs these moments from Thailand. Usually, shows are pretty good about giving a heads-up when it comes to synopsis and episode summaries. At this time, we don’t know when this one will air on CBS but it probably will have a good number of eyeballs on it. We will look to let you know when this one drops on CBS.

Most fans of Moore know that he also appeared on Criminal Minds. There is a reboot of the series that formerly ran on CBS. This time, it will be on Paramount Plus. Most of the original cast, including Joe Mantegna, is coming back. But if you are looking for Moore to appear on there, then we have some bad news. It looks like he’s too focused on S.W.A.T. these days to do so. If that changes, then we will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, Moore talked in an interview about showing the good side of officers on S.W.A.T. “We’re just trying to show you the good, trying to help people believe in the good,” Moore told CBS New York back in November 2020. “And then just have a really good time. That’s what’s about to open up.”