‘SWAT’ Teases Season 5 Finale Spoilers in Hilarious Jay Harrington Video

by Taylor Cunningham

The SWAT season finale may drop tonight, but Jay Harrington couldn’t wait to give fans an inside scoop of the episode. In a tell-all video, the star hilariously shares exactly what’s going to happen to Hondo and the team.

Warning, there are absolutely no spoilers ahead.

So, here’s what we know thanks to some help from CBS.

“We asked the @swatcbs team not to spoil tonight’s episode but they don’t always play by the rules,” the network wrote in a Tweet.

In the installment, Hondo and Tan will go “deep undercover” to a cornhole tournament. Turns out that Tan is actually a “world-class” player, so he has a unique skill to offer the operation.

While those two work their procedural magic, the real TV action begins when Chris and Street fly in on a “mother f**cking helicopter” that Decon is piloting to save the day.

From there, the information gets a little murky. Thanks to FCC guidelines, the network had to censor out a couple of expletives that make Harrington’s final sentence hard to comprehend. But if you try hard, you may be able to watch the video and decipher the ending.

However, no matter what you figure out, we do know that everything “works out” in the end.

OK, Here’s What We Really Know About the ‘SWAT’ Season Finale

Obviously, Hondo and Tan aren’t going to break up a rouge cornhole tournament on tonight’s finale of SWAT. This isn’t a Will Ferrell movie. Though, we can’t say we’ll be mad if Jay Harrington’s synopsis turns out to be partially right. And there’s still a chance that Chris could fly in on a “mother fu**ing helicopter.”

But what we do know is that the title of the episode—Farewell—likely gives a clue to the plot. Someone is leaving the team. Who it is and how they will go is the question.

The most likely person to leave is Lina Esco’s Chris Alonso. While the actress hasn’t announced any plans of quitting, Alonso has been getting less screen time lately. And the SWAT member has already said that she wants to retire from the squad.

When it comes to the rest of the team, there are no clues that lead us to believe that any other actor plans on exiting. However, a surprise death is never out of the question.

Aside from the secret of the departing actor, the only other information we have about the finale comes from the official synopsis. As it reads, “when control of a university chemistry lab is seized, the SWAT team races to thwart a devastating terror attack.”

Watch the SWAT Season Finale tonight (May 22) at 10/9c on CBS.