Taylor Kitsch Reveals Whether He’d Play Tim Riggins Again in a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Reboot

by Taylor Cunningham

If a Friday Night Lights revival actually makes it to TV, it will, unfortunately, be missing a major star—Taylor Kitsch.

For over a year, rumors of a reboot have been circulating on the internet and social media. And while chatting with Variety, Kitsch admitted that he believes the project is on the horizon. But if the producers ask him to join the cast, he will humbly bow out.

“You may see it, but I will not be a part of it,” he admitted.

In the original series, which aired from 2006 to 2011, Kitsch played Tim Riggins, a star fullback for the Dillon Panthers. For the first four seasons, he was a lead character. Then in the fifth and final, he backed down to a guest star.

The role was one of Kitsch’s first attempts at stardom and also his big break. He first entered Hollywood in 2006 and played a handful of guest roles before landing his part in Friday Night Lights that same year. But despite the show’s pivotal place in his career, Taylor Kitsch plans to keep it in his past.

“I’m done. I’m good,” he continued. “I want to keep growing as an actor. Going back to Rigs — let him live in everyone else’s memories. Whatever that is, whatever he means to them, let him lay there.”

But don’t be confused by the actor’s words. He has no ill will towards the series or his former character. He is just enjoying a new chapter in his career.

“It was such a huge springboard for me,” he added. “But I’m such a different actor now. It allowed me to explore the process, be f**king green and embrace it.”

The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Actor is Currently Starring in ‘The Terminal List’

While playing Riggins, Kitsch began exploring new projects. In 2010, as he was gearing up to lighten his responsibilities on Friday Night Lights, he played Remy LeBeau in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then after leaving FNL, he landed the title role in John Carter.

Following those films, Kitsch elevated to A-List status. And his most recent gigs have been with Battleship, True Detective, and American Assasin. Currently, he’s starring as Ben Edwards in The Terminal List.

As for the revival, there hasn’t been much news about the project. In 2021, producer Brian Grazer told Collider that he had begun pre-production on an FNL movie in “Del Rio, Texas in a border town that takes place in 2015.” And he hoped to start filming sometime this year.

Gazer also added that the movie “will lead us into a new series that takes place in a more recent time…like now, today, and we’re excited about it.”

Whether or not that plan is still in the works, we don’t know. But if the movie is moving forward, we will hopefully hear more news about a revival in the upcoming months.