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‘That ’70s Show’ Stars Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp Open Up About Their Return as Kitty and Red

by Joe Rutland
kurtwood smith debra jo rupp photo
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Kitty and Red Forman are back in Point Place, Wisconsin, for the sequel series to That ’70s Show on Netflix. Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith, who play Kitty and Red, are ready to rock and roll on That ’90s Show. But these two beloved stars are opening up about returning to these great roles.

“Debra Jo is my favorite acting partner,” Smith said. “So it was…we haven’t worked…well, we did. We did do a pilot. An unsuccessful pilot.” “Oh we did!” Rupp said. “It was not our fault. But…no I’m kidding. But we did an unsuccessful pilot together about a year and a half ago. Or something like that. Otherwise, you know, we haven’t worked together in 17 years. So it was really fun getting together with Debra Jo.”

When asked by ScreenRant about her least favorite thing to leave behind in the 1970s and most favorite thing to explore in the 1990s, Rupp did not hold back one bit. “Okay, so I will go directly to fashion,” she said. “My favorite thing to leave behind [is] the bell-bottoms of the ’70s because shorter, petite women cannot wear anything in the ’70s. You can’t. And no one looks good in lime green. I’m sorry to share that with some people, but no one looks good in lime green. And then in the ’90s, we’ve got some shoulder pads going which I always like.”

‘That ’70s Show’ Star Debra Jo Rupp Doesn’t Mind Shoulder Pads In The 1990s

Smith was caught laughing at his That ’70s Show costar’s responses. “Stop,” Rupp said. “Shoulder pads are good. Those are also very good for petite women.” Smith said, “I like that picture of you in bell-bottoms.” Rupp responded, “Oh my god. Anyway, I had the fashion I go right to the fashion. That’s where it is.”

When asked if he helped refresh the young actors’ memories about the 1990s, especially when it came to different names and terms for things, Smith said no. But Rupp remembered one time when they tried to help out. “Well, I have one,” she said. “Remember, we tried to explain what a rave was. Well, you try explaining a rave. Nobody can explain that. And they’re polite kids, so they kind of went, ‘Oh, okay.'” Smith replied, “I didn’t understand what it meant when it was going on.”

Rupp was asked about working with a new cast of kids on That ’90s Show, which were different from That ’70s Show. She is asked by the outlet if it was surreal or a little deja vu, even. “No, not at all, because they are so unique,” she said. “And they are just so very different from the ’70s Show cast.”