‘The Conners’ Adds William H. Macy for Season 5 Guest Role

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For those of you who are fans of the ABC sitcom The Conners, you can look for William H. Macy to have a guest role on there. A report indicates that Macy will star as Smitty, who is one of Dan Conner’s best friends from high school. He will be visiting Lanford in the episode. One thing that fans of Shameless can also look for is Macy sharing screen time with Emma Kenney. She also appeared on Shameless as a daughter. There is no confirmed date for this episode to air on TV.

On The Conners, Kenney happens to play Harris, the daughter of David and Darlene. Others from Shameless on there have included Noel Fisher and Ethan Cutkosky. One more connection to Shameless, TVLine states, comes through Katey Sagal, who plays Louise on this show. Sagal played Dr. Ingrid Jones throughout the Season 9 episodes of Shameless. Look for another longtime character from Roseanne to show up this season. No word has been given on who that will be. The show also has been given 22 episodes to complete.

‘The Conners’ Gets Ready To Roll Along Without Michael Fishman

Meanwhile, as viewers wait to see who will return, there has been news about one star leaving the show. Michael Fishman, who has been playing D.J. since he was a young boy, is taking off from the Lanford world. How in the world will they write him out of the show? Bruce Helford, the show’s executive producer, would talk about it.

“He’s visiting [Geena], who right now is stationed overseas,” Helford said. “She was involved in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and she is still overseas on assignment, so he is going to be going over and spending time with his wife…. It does get addressed in the first few episodes.”

While some fans have been watching the show and its predecessor Roseanne forever, they know that Fishman has been an important part of the cast. Fishman is not leaving the show of his own accord. He reportedly was “told” that he would no longer be on the show. This fact did not sit too well with the people that have watched The Conners and Roseanne at all. Hopefully, having Macy on board for an episode will give them something to look forward to on there. One thing that Helford did make clear is that Fishman is still part of the show. So, this might make it possible for him to appear again down the road. It is interesting, though, that the EP would not find a way to keep him as part of the show.