‘The Conners’: Could Season 5 See the Departure of This Actor?

by Joe Rutland

With a pending possibility of going to college as Mark, it might be worth thinking about if The Conners might lose an actor. Right now, Mark, who is the son of Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, is focusing on his contrabassoon playing. The ABC sitcom is always looking at ways to change storylines. In addition, having characters make sparing appearances is also part of the way the show is designed.

Ames McNamara plays Mark on there. If he does depart, then it will be due to Mark being away at college. Then again, Mark has to get into college and he’d be making some news there. Of course, if you have watched The Conners or even its previous incarnation as Roseanne, then you know about their poverty. Working and struggling to escape it is part of the show. Dan Conner, played by John Goodman, has been looking to dig out of that hole.

Mark Conner Character On ‘The Conners’ Keeps Positive Attitude

Mark will be applying to get into college. Hopefully, they will take note of him playing an instrument and find room for him. That’s a reason Darlene wanted her son to play some type of musical piece. A contrabassoonist is quite an interesting path to take. Look for the show to elaborate on how difficult it is for a young person coming out of poverty to make it into college. Yet his intelligence and commitment to education are worth noting.

Should he and McNamara leave the show, then it would be quite a place to fill in the cast. Mark brings a sense of goodness and optimism that some other characters don’t carry with them. It’s a delicate balance for them to deal with all the time. Still, The Conners would be missing a key part of the cast. Would showrunners decide to have him go to college and not stay part of the ongoing stories? It’s a big risk to do it.

Showrunner Hints At More Season 5 Dysfunction

Here’s an interesting thought. The show itself could have a storyline where Mark looks to graduate from high school while applying for college. He would be able to focus on his studies. Also, his musical work. Then, Mark puts his head down and starts the application process. We get more from ScreenRant.

There’s more to keep an eye on when it comes to Season 5. The showrunners are hinting at more dysfunction coming your way through the Conner clan. Here’s what Dan Caplan said in an interview with CinemaBlend. “I mean, I think it’s gonna be so much fun to see what Becky living with Ben and Darlene looks like as they try to have a honeymoon year and start their own life,” he said.