‘The Conners’: Did you Miss the Roseanne Easter Egg in the Finale?

by Taylor Cunningham

During the season finale of The Conners, Jackie’s new husband made a clever nod to the late matriarch Roseanne. But unless you’re an avid watcher, you may have missed it.

The finale was a joyful day for the quirky TV family. Both Jackie and Darleen made it down the aisle and wed their loves during a joint ceremony in the iconic living room. And somewhere during the festivities, Jackie’s groom, Neville, made a wisecrack that paid homage to an episode earlier this year.

While expressing his love for his new wife, Neville told Louise that though Jackie is great, he’s certain that the entire Conner family will eventually end up in hell. And instead of taking offense to the comment, the clan simply shrugged in unison.

Dooming everyone to hell may seem unrelated to Roseanne’s absence since 2018. But it actually brought a joke that Becky made in the season’s eighth episode titled Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal come full circle.

In that installment, the family was dealing with all of the old furniture that had graced the set since the original series began in 1988.

Eventually, Dan and his daughters took to burning the items. And as the smoke plumes drifted into the sky, Dan said that they were sending it all “up to heaven.” Becky, who caught the meaning, laughed and said that if it went down to hell, at least Roseanne would get her stuff back.

‘The Conners’ Happy to Join Roseanne in the Underworld

While Becky’s quip seemed a tad too snarky considering the circumstances of her mom’s death, Neville’s words made them seem a little more sentimental. Because no one cared that they could burn in damnation, that means they don’t think it’s such a bad fate. And they probably feel that way because at least they’d be with their dearly departed.

Noticing the easter egg is a big deal for fans of The Conners and its predecessor Roseanne because since the show split into a spinoff, there has been virtually no mention of the lost mother.

After ABC fired the headlining actress following her controversial remarks on Twitter, it opened the new series by saying that Roseanne had died of an overdose. And since then, the family has gone about its life with little regard for her loss. Doing that has left many people a bit confused.

But perhaps the writers will take the chance to add more nods to Roseanne Conner next year. The Conners was officially renewed for season 5. But don’t make the mistake of catching it in its normal time slot this fall. When the new season debuts, it will move to Wednesdays at 8 p.m.