‘The Conners’ Fans ‘Can’t Stand’ This Detail of the ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff

by Chris Piner

In October of 1988, Americans were introduced to the Conner family as ABC premiered their newest sitcom Roseanne. Running for 10 seasons, the tv show focused on the normal troubles of being a working-class family. Life, death, and finding the beauty in it all became common themes. Having dealt with some strong subject matter over the years, the sitcom came to an end in 1997. While it appeared the door had closed on the Connor family, in 2018, a spin-off series was created. Full of the same themes, The Connors sits at a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But while the characters act the same, viewers noticed a drastic shift in one crucial aspect of the series.

Before The Connors premiered, there was a revival of the original series as the 10th season of Roseanne was announced. During its run, the series and its actors received numerous awards. But in 2018, due to Roseanne Barr’s unsavory comments on Twitter, the actress was let go and her character killed off. For the rest of the cast, they moved forward to take on the spin-off series, The Connors. Although dealing with death isn’t new to the series, fans have voiced their concern with how different both shows look.

Fans Notice A Glaring Difference Between Roseanne And The Connors

First posted on a Reddit thread, users shared the poster from Roseanne season 10. Again, this was the last season Barr was in. The image was bright and full of love shared by the show’s husband and wife. But when compared to the poster for season 4 of The Connors, it appears that the lighting has drastically changed. While not noticeable at first, fans were quick to see The Connors was much darker than the original series. 

Once a loving but dysfunctional family living in the fictional Langford, Illinois, the spin-off series seems to have taken on a completely different tone. One Reddit user admitted, “I actually hadn’t noticed this for the longest time, to be honest, but once I did it was really jarring. So gloomy.” 

Another fan commented, “Dimmer lighting seems like it fits with the ‘average family’ feeling, but they’ve gone pretty far too where it feels more depressing.”

The Series Continues With A Fifth Season

Finishing up its fourth season on May 18, 2022, The Connors was renewed by ABC for a fifth season. The announcement came a week before the final episode aired. It’s unclear why the show took such a sudden shift when it came to how the show was lighted. With Barr no longer part of the series, veteran actors like John Goodman, Laure Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert continue to portray the Connor family and deal with the loss of the family patriarch, Roseanne Barr.