‘The Conners’: Some Fans Expect a Bittersweet Series Finale

by Blake Ells

A fifth season of The Conners is on the way. After retooling the show in the wake of Roseanne’s departure, The Conners has continued for four seasons. The show has proven that the rest of its cast is likable enough to carry on without the original show’s namesake, but there are no promises beyond the recently renewed fifth season. That has many fans speculating about the show’s conclusion.

Some fans have seen the signs since the beginning of season four.

“I’m getting the feeling that they may wrap up the series in s5,” noted one fan on the r/TheConners subreddit. The user’s theory is largely rooted in everyone’s move away from the original Conner home. Dan has a pretty strong case of ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ at this point, with the season four finale showing Louise consoling Dan.

The same Reddit user, u/TrixieVanSickle, suggests that it’s “too much home with too many ghosts.”

The user continues their theory: “By the end of s5, Dan’s in a position to sell the house to a developer, break even and get a bigger apartment with Louise to start a new life. The last scene would be Dan, standing alone in the empty house. He walks to the front door and turns to look around, and says, ‘Goodbye, Rosie,’ turns off the lights and leaves.”

It’s a classic series finale trope, especially from 80s sitcoms. But fans in the thread seem satisfied with the hypothetical conclusion.

Everyone’s lives are changing in season five. Showrunners have teased a new direction for Mark Healy. The fan threads have been alive with their own expectations for the new season, as well.

Season Five of ‘The Conners’

We’ve learned some certainties about the new season of The Conners. The show will move to Wednesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. Abbott Elementary will take over the slot once held by The Conners.

This incarnation of the sitcom debuted in 2018. The show is a continuation of Roseanne and it stars most of the original cast. John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Grandson and Michael Fishman are all still part of the show.

Through four seasons, the show has produced 70 episodes. Traditionally, 100 has always been the magic number that television roots for in validating success, and the fifth season will get the series very close. And maybe this isn’t the end for The Conners. ABC has made no formal announcement regarding the show’s future, and it seems to be doing well for the network. Fans have this wrapped up into a neat little package on Reddit, but writers have proven they have a knack for introducing new characters and giving the story new life. We’ll learn more during season five this fall.