‘The Conners’ Fans Point Out a Suspected Nod to ‘Three’s Company’

by Caitlin Berard

In the modern entertainment era, there are hundreds upon hundreds of television shows on air. Most of them, however, don’t last very long and, in the grand scheme of things, aren’t all that memorable.

The first TV show in history was made almost 100 years ago, after all. And when you compare the overall number of shows that have hit the small screen since to the number of shows that remain highly regarded today, you can see that the percentage of hit shows is an incredibly small one.

Two shows firmly in the category of iconic, however, are Three’s Company and Roseanne. Though Three’s Company premiered in the late 70s and Roseanne in the late 80s, both series follow typical American households as they navigate everything that comes with daily life.

Both series were so popular with viewers, in fact, that they each spawned spinoff series to continue the stories of their beloved characters. For Roseanne, that spinoff is The Conners, which acts as a sequel to the classic sitcom.

As one would expect, The Conners includes plenty of references to Roseanne. In a Season 4 episode, however, the series threw in a far more surprising nod to Three’s Company.

The ‘Three’s Company’ Reference in ‘The Conners’

The Season 4 episode “Sex, Lies, and House Hunting” is just as dramatic as the title would suggest. In the episode, Darlene struggles to find a house while Becky moves forward with her scandalous relationship with her professor.

As it’s a TV show, Becky and her professor are, of course, spotted by two of Becky’s fellow students. And it’s during this scene that eagle-eyed fans noticed the Three’s Company easter egg. The two students catch Becky and her professor stepping out of a car as they walk down the street.

In the awkward scene in which the students clearly recognize the inappropriate couple, they’re standing outside of a restaurant called Jack’s Bistro. Now, as classic TV fans know, Jack Tripper (John Ritter’s character in Three’s Company) owned a restaurant called Jack’s Bistro in the later seasons.

Could this be a simple coincidence? Possibly. As both The Conners and Three’s Company are ABC sitcoms, however, this seems unlikely. The more likely explanation is that someone working on The Conners behind the scenes is a fan of the classic sitcom and added the restaurant sign as a homage.

Many fans on Reddit agreed after one viewer pointed out the sign to their fellow fans. “Jack’s Bistro in The Conners…a nod to Three’s Company?” wrote the thread’s creator. “I just watched and thought the same thing as soon as I saw it,” replied one fan. “I was wondering if I was the only one that got that, I immediately thought of Jack tripper (John Ritter),” added another.