‘The Conners’ Fans Request New Intro, Other Major Changes Ahead of Season 5

by Caitlin Berard

Season 5 of The Conners, the hit Roseanne spinoff, is on the way and fans have some big ideas for the new batch of episodes. In a Reddit thread discussing changes they’d like to see in the coming season, they made no small requests of the cast and crew.

The creator of the thread requested a change of the opening sequence, as “Dan slurping that sausage down is disgusting and that intro is over 4 years old.” They would also like to see a romantic storyline for Becky, as well as the character finishing college and beginning her career. And finally, they want “more comedy and less drama.”

The first request sparked several fans’ discussion about the “gross” sausage clip. “I agree they need to change the intro,” one fan wrote. “Not only is the sausage part gross, but Mark has grown quite a bit since the first season and Mary is barely around. They should also add Ben as he’s been a regular for a while now.”

“And add Louise and Neville,” another chimed in. “You know, Dan and Jackie’s spouses.”

Though the general consensus was the four adjustments by the original poster, one fan asked that another section of the opener get a makeover. For a longtime Roseanne fan such as themselves, Darlene laughing at the end of the clip is an insult to the titular character.

“Nothing can ever replace Roseanne’s laugh at the end of the intro,” they said. “Trying something else entirely would better serve the show as it is now.”

‘The Conners’ Showrunners Hint at Season 5 Storylines

In preparation for the episodes to come, The Conners Season 4 finale left many questions unanswered, some of which producers plan to answer in the coming season. “This was all done…it was never thought that this would be a finale-finale, you know, a series-ender,” EP Bruce Helford explained to CinemaBlend. “So it was meant to set up lots of new branches to follow that will be interesting.”

Though it was merely a hint, producers’ preview of Season 5 could point to Mark moving away for college. “You know, he’s a contra bassoonist,” he said. “That’s gonna be a big thing because this is going to be the year where he applies for colleges and all that. And we’ve been building to – is one of this family gonna actually escape the orbit of poverty? So we’ll see what happens.”

The Conners fans could also see some major drama in the central household, and Dan and Louise are closer to an empty nest than ever. “Dan and Louise actually having the house themselves, except for Harris, which could be a lot of problems,” Helford said. “Louise is still not getting what she wants, not getting the privacy and everything that she and Dan want.”

“And then Jackie and Neville,” the EP continued. “Jackie, who is constantly in danger of sabotaging her own life, that’s going to be interesting in how she and Neville navigate all they have. The happier Jackie is, the greater the chance she’s going to muck it up somehow. So, she’s really happy right now.”