‘The Conners’ Fans Speak Out About Roseanne’s Absence From the Show

by Alex Falls

These days, a wave of controversy can bring any successful career to a crashing halt. Reportedly, 18% of employers have fired at least one employee for something they posted on social media. The worlds of Hollywood and TV have been at the center of this shift of perception in the public.

The Conners is one of many TV series that have had to work through this issue. The show is a spin-off of the classic TV show Rosanne. However, Roseanne Barr, the original show’s namesake and primary inspiration, remains nowhere to be seen despite her role as the family matriarch. The original was rebooted in 2018 for a tenth season. A long 21 years since with original series concluded in 1997.

Roseanne signed on to take part in the reboot. The new season proved to be a ratings success and was set to continue into an eleventh season. Unfortunately for fans, Barr became embroiled in controversy when she made racially insensitive remarks on Twitter. Afterward, she was fired from the show and the network spun The Conners as a spin-off featuring the other family members at the forefront of the plot.

Roseanne tried to backtrack the comments. But ultimately her character was killed off in the first episode due to botched knee surgery and opioid addiction. As result, Roseanne became a social pariah and has remained out of the public limelight ever since.

Do Fans Miss Roseanne From The Conners?

The Conners has gone on to a successful run since the reboot. So far, it has run for four seasons and was recently renewed for a fifth. Since the unexpected shift in direction, fans have asked themselves if they miss the original family lead in Roseanne.

The conversation kicked off on The Conners Subreddit. “You know, I thought bringing the show back without Roseanne wouldn’t work and be an absolute failure,” the user wrote. “But I’ve been watching the Conners and while at first, it was weird to get used to it. I actually think it works amazingly well and quite honestly, I’ve mostly forgotten about her.”

The user continued their argument by saying they felt the writers stepped up their game beginning in season two. Noting they handled the death of such a major character in a believable way. Some fans noted that they felt Roseanne had “phoned in” her performance in the rebooted season. Therefore, the new version didn’t feel like the character they remembered.

For the most part, fans were in agreement that they didn’t miss Roseanne’s character. One user summarized the sentiment that the remaining characters in The Conners are fully capable of carrying the show without the original matriarch’s involvement. “I don’t miss her character one bit,” the user wrote. “Funnily enough, my husband and I watched “Slappy Holidays” last night and both said the same thing. The other characters/actors, especially Goodman are talented enough that the show doesn’t need Roseanne at all.”