‘The Conners’: How Katey Sagal’s Season 4 Absence Changed the Course of the Show

by Joe Rutland

Actress Katey Sagal, who plays Louise, Dan’s wife, on The Conners wasn’t present for too much of Season 4 of the ABC sitcom. Sagal suffered serious injuries from a car collision in 2021. That sent Sagal to the sidelines and not able to film any episodes. But the fact that she was not there happened to help the show. Louise has an important role in the storylines as the wife of John Goodman’s character.

The Conners put the absence to good use. So, the show, according to ScreenRant, would have Louise, upon her return, suggest that Dan build a house for Becky, played by Lecy Goranson, and Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert. We also see Dan and Louise have a fight, which makes it clear that Louise is going to stand up for herself.

Katey Sagal’s Character on ‘The Conners’ Makes Her Presence Felt

While the accident would take Sagal away, Louise appeared for her wedding at the start of Season 4. Coming back much later in Season 4 and having her slowly get involved was important to the show’s overall pace. We now get to see Dan and Louise much closer. She’s also made it clear to Dan that he’s not going to get away with just focusing on his older kids. Louise needs some attention, too.

Yes, she will help out the kids with suggestions and ideas, but Louise needs her time with Dan. Keep looking for their relationship to grow as part of the show’s powerful storylines. Meanwhile, longtime Sagal fans can find her on whos like Sons of Anarchy, Married…With Children, and even Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She played Jake’s mother Karen on the Andy Samberg sitcom.

Actress Offers Up Some Advice To Women About Hollywood

The actress does have some advice for women looking to make it in Hollywood. “I could give my own personal experience,” Sagal says according to an article from The List. “Which is don’t give up — don’t! I started as a musician. And that was definitely a boys’ club. But I was determined to make a living and make my way. Plus, I had no other skill sets, so it was like, ‘This better work or I’m screwed.'” One time, Sagal would back up Bob Dylan on vocals before getting fired. It happens as the famed singer-songwriter was preparing for another tour.

Speaking of her time on Sons of Anarchy, Sagal remembers working with author Stephen King. He made a cameo appearance on the show. Show creator Kurt Sutter shared a tweet highlighting King’s work. Sagal would respond, “Love this!! Working with Stephen was such a great experience.” It’s pretty cool when someone like King can cross paths with an actress like Sagal on a show that is so popular.