‘The Conners’: How to Visit the Iconic House

by Sean Griffin

While many fans assume the landmark house from The Conners is located in Illinois, it’s actually located in another Midwestern state.

The interior shots of the show are filmed in a Hollywood studio. However, the scene transitions over years of episodes etched the Conners’ home into American minds.

According to an article from Courier & Press, the scene transitions for Roseanne and The Conners were filmed in Evansville, Indiana. The shots from Evansville feature shots that seem like they’re straight from a Norman Rockwell painting. The famous scene transition shots include exterior shots of The Lobo Lounge and the Conners’ church.

Why did producers choose Evansville as the filming location for those exterior shots? Show producer Matt Williams spent most of his childhood in Evansville. While Williams only lasted with Roseanne thirteen episodes, his choice for those exterior shots ensured his long-term impact on the show.

The exterior shots of the home belong to the house at 619 Runnymeade Avenue on the Southside of Evansville. The home has occupied that lot since 1925. However, the house isn’t as expensive as one might imagine. A Roseanne super-fan could purchase the estate for reasonably cheap.

The Vanderburgh County Assessor’s office reportedly listed its value in 2018 at $131,000. 

Evansville, Indiana is the largest in southern Indiana and economic hub of the region. The city belongs to the Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky tristate area. The city is often referred to as the “Crescent Valley” or “River City.” The University of Southern Indiana resides nearby.

‘The Conners’ Fans Speaks About Roseanne Barr’s Absence

The Conners was recently renewed for a fifth season by ABC. However, fans have recently taken to Reddit to voice their opinions on the new show without Roseanne.

“You know, I thought bringing the show back without Roseanne wouldn’t work and be an absolute failure,” one user wrote. “But I’ve been watching the Conners and while at first, it was weird to get used to it. I actually think it works amazingly well and quite honestly, I’ve mostly forgotten about her.”

Another user echoed that sentiment. They wrote, “I don’t miss her character one bit. Funnily enough, my husband and I watched ‘Slappy Holidays’ last night and both said the same thing. The other characters/actors, especially Goodman are talented enough that the show doesn’t need Roseanne at all.”

Another Reddit user posted why they think season 5 will be the show’s last season. Their post currently has 36 upvotes, so many other fans of The Conners may be thinking the same thing.

“I’m kind of getting the feeling that they may wrap up the series in s5,” they wrote. “My theory is that Darlene and the kids will move in with Ben next season and the newly sober Becky will slowly work her way back to independence and eventually get a place for herself and the baby.”

They continue, writing, “That would leave Dan alone in the house, a true empty nester. I highly doubt Louise would be willing to move in with Dan at the house, since she has her own style. (It was really weird seeing them together in the bedroom Dan used to share with Roseanne.) It’s too much house with too many ghosts.”