‘The Conners’: Katey Sagal Was Hesitant About One Season 4 Stunt

by Joe Rutland

Being on a sitcom like The Conners can sometimes call for actors to take part in different challenging scenes. Actress Katey Sagal, who is known for her work in everything from Sons of Anarchy to Married…With Children, is on the ABC sitcom. She’s playing Louise, wife of Dan Conner, played by John Goodman. Yet there was a stunt in Season 4 that left the actress hesitant about being part of it.

On their wedding day, a tornado goes through Lanford. Both Dan and Louise find themselves in the middle of their wedding when it hits. Both of them hold on tightly to one another at this time. Executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan would say that the feeling on the show’s set was intense. Church windows were exploding and it left them a bit shaken up.

Having Tornado As Part Of ‘The Conners’ Ends Up Being A Metaphor

“It was definitely scary to Katey,” Caplan said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He also said that Sagal thought stunt doubles were going to be used in the scene. But she would find out that both herself and Goodman would be present. “And she said, ‘Is that OK?’ And we said, ‘We’re assured it’s safe.'” Caplan did say that “it was a violent stunt. It was very loud and very powerful…but it enabled us to have some amazing reactions.” Helford says, “It was really effective. It’s very shocking, but I love the image of him holding her.”

Caplan adds that having a tornado hit was going to be a metaphor for their lives. On The Conners, things do not always go smoothly. It makes the show that much more interesting to watch. “So, when we started thinking about a storm, that really felt like a great, symbolic idea for us,” he said.

Sagal Remembers Being Part Of Bob Dylan Tour For A Red Hot Minute

If you are a fan of Sagal and yes, this includes her turn as Peg Bundy, then you know she is a singer. Man, does she have a great voice. Sagal has also been a backup singer for some of the greatest music acts. Still, would you believe that she was fired one time by Bob Dylan? Sagal would tell The List that she got the job as an 18-year-old. A friend lived near Dylan and happened to just know him.

He was putting together a band and singers for his Rolling Thunder Revue Tour. Katey picks up the story from there. “[Her friend] said, ‘Here we are. We’re going to be your singers.’ And he hired us,” Sagal said. “We started the rehearsal process, and about two months into the rehearsal process, he fired all of us and half the band.”