‘The Conners’ Star Katey Sagal Shares Advice For Women Looking to Make It in Hollywood

by Megan Molseed

Golden Globe winner and The Conners star Katey Sagal has had an undoubtedly prolific career in Hollywood and on television over the years. Her memorable roles span all types of genres and character types Sagal spent her years in the business stepping into some unique roles.

From playing the lazy and loud Peggy Bundy on Married With Children; the one-eyed cartoon humanoid in Futurama; the unscrupulous mother and wife in Sons of Anarchy, or the unhinged therapist in Shameless, Sagal has made a successful career by playing some unique – and often edgy characters. And, the actress has some sage advice for women looking to make it in Hollywood.

In fact, the wise words, which simply come down to the wise advice to never give up, come from Sagal’s own personal experiences, the actress notes.

“I could give my own personal experience,” Katey Sagal says. “Which is don’t give up — don’t!” According to the actress, it’s important to have the confidence to stick with the business. This, Sagal notes, is important when trying to land a dream role in the movie and television business.

The Conners Star Katey Sagal Knew That She Needed To Work Hard To Make It Big In Hollywood

According to Sagal, it “takes a certain amount of self-appreciation” to stick with a Hollywood career. And, she has even racked up some unique experiences outside of acting. Breaking out into the music scene early on.

“I started as a musician,” Katey Sagal explains.

“And that was definitely a boys’ club,” the Conners star adds.

“But I was determined to make a living and make my way,” she explains.

“Plus, I had no other skill sets, so it was like, ‘This better work or I’m screwed,'” Sagal jokes.

The Conners Teases A Potential Return Of Roseanne Alum

Since The Conners premiered a few years ago, the popular ABC series has made big efforts to build itself a separate niche – away from the shadow created by the show’s original Roseanne legacy. The Conners was born after the revival of the ABC series Roseanne was canceled. This cancelation came in response to controversial statements made by the show’s namesake and star, comedian Roseanne Barr.

However, a recent discussion on the series suggests that The Conners may be open to some overlap between the two television sitcom shows. In the recent episode titled Three Ring Circus, Neville finally proposes to Jackie. Then, as the episode is coming to a close, Neville mentions to Jackie’s brother-in-law, John Goodman’s Dan Conner that he plans to invite Jackie’s estranged mother to the impending nuptials.

The actress who plays Jackie’s mother, Estelle Parsons, has made some appearances on The Conners in the early days. However, she has been absent since the second season. This absence was once explained to TV Line by the show’s executive producer, Bruce Helford.

“We’re worried about putting her on an airplane or having her exposed to anything,” Helford says of the 94-year-old actress. But now, Jackie’s wedding seems like the perfect moment for the character to make a return to the series!