‘The Conners’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Two Out of Three Couples Tie the Knot

by Caitlin Berard

The Season 4 finale of The Conners might be the most drama-packed episode of the Roseanne spinoff yet. It began with the promise of not one but three weddings: Harris and Aldo, Darlene and Ben, and Jackie and Neville. Two of the three went off without a hitch. One relationship, however, ended in heartbreak rather than wedding bells.

Darlene and Ben married in a joint ceremony alongside Jackie and Neville, the two couples beginning the new chapters of their lives together. Harris and Aldo, however, broke up rather than walking down the aisle, Harris deciding that the older man wasn’t for her after all.

The breakup was good news for Dan, at least, who was feeling a little forlorn about the idea of living in the Conner family home without any of his extended family.

Why Wasn’t Estelle Parsons in the ‘Conners’ Season 4 Finale?

Following the premiere of the Conners finale, executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan gave an interview with TV Line to answer any lingering questions fans might have ahead of Season 5.

One of the most pressing questions was: where is Bev? The penultimate episode hinted at a return of Jackie’s estranged mother, but no such cameo occurred. Sadly, Bruce Helford explained that the cameo simply wasn’t possible.

“Her husband passed this past year,” he said. “She was ready to go, she was ready to come out. I think she had also been offered [another episode of] Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s show [Grace and Frankie]. She was going to do those spots, then [her husband] got very sick and unfortunately passed. And with the pandemic and everything going on, it was just too much for her right now.”

Though 94-year-old Estelle Parsons was unable to attend the Season 4 finale, the Conners EPs feel hopeful about the future. “I do believe that she’s probably immortal,” Helford joked. “So we’re hoping [in Season 5] that she’ll come back to make Jackie and Neville miserable.”

‘The Conners’ Characters Acknowledge Roseanne’s Absence at Double Wedding

The Season 4 finale featured Darlene and Jackie getting married without their beloved Roseanne, which would have been tough for both characters, given their history. The Conners creators didn’t ignore this obvious detail, writing in an acknowledgement of Roseanne’s absence into the episode.

“We’ve always operated under the assumption that they miss their mother (and sister) tremendously,” Bruce Helford explained. “She was the center of their universe. So whenever it makes sense to bring her up, we certainly try to.”

“And for Jackie to have feelings about her sister not being there for her glorious moment of having found the right guy,” he continued. “And seeing Darlene get to a good place after all the drama and tragedy of the relationship with David to then find someone stable and solid [in Ben], it just made sense to bring her up there. It was important to the actors, too.”