‘The Conners’: Will Joe Walsh Return in Season 5?

by Craig Garrett

Rock icon Joe Walsh was a refreshing surprise as Aldo’s dense dad in the last season of The Connors, leaving fans asking if he might return. Throughout its fourth season, the spin-off of the classic tv show Roseanne made a number of unexpected decisions. The daring mass shooting episode demonstrated that the sitcom could handle serious topics with care. Meanwhile, the surprise reunion of Ben and Darlene proved that the show could be a little clunky with big reveals.

However, the sight of Eagles guitarist and rock icon Joe Walsh on The Conners was a welcome and unexpected treat. Walsh first appeared as Aldo’s dad Jesse in the season 4 episode, “Patriarchs and Goddesses”. He appeared on another episode later in the season, too. In the brief cameo role, the rocker held his own against a lineup of comic veterans and received a lot of chuckles. However, it does not necessarily imply that Joe Walsh will return in The Conners‘ season 5.

However, the fact that Aldo and Harris broke up indicates that he will not be returning in The Conners season 5. As a result of this turn, it’s even less likely that Joe Walsh will return in season 5 since his character is even more removed from the titular family. Walsh had a few memorable moments in his two episodes. Namely jamming with Dan, John Goodman’s character, during his first appearance. Though Walsh did a good job playing Jesse, his character’s son left fans divided. There’s unlikely to be a large public outcry for the return of Adlo as a regular character.

Could Walsh return to The Connors? More obscure characters have.

After the breakup of Aldo and Harris, there is no longer any reason for the Conner family to meet with Aldo’s father. However, Walsh and Goodman did have some serious chemistry in their scenes together. The writers could sneak in an excuse to bring Walsh’s Jesse back without Aldo in tow. Because Christopher Lloyd’s Roseanne character Lou appeared in The Conners season 4, this is all the more probable. After all, the character hadn’t been seen since the original Roseanne run.

The Conners season 5 may have managed to justify Jesse’s presence in the series, but the character could still return. Whether or not the fifth season of The Conners is the show’s final outing isn’t clear yet, so more huge-name appearances like that of Walsh may be feasible if the series isn’t winding down soon. The biggest problem blocking the return of Joe Walsh’s Jesse in season 5 is the lack of connection between Joe Walsh’s Jesse and the family, which may be difficult for the show to overcome. Let’s just hope that Aldo and Harris breaking up isn’t retconned by saying that season 4 was just Dan writing a novel.