‘The Good Fight’ Star Christine Baranski Speaks Out About the Show Ending

by Tia Bailey

Legal drama show The Good Fight is ending soon. Star Christine Baranski recently spoke out about the news.

The drama show follows the events “A year after the series finale of The Good Wife, an enormous financial scam destroys the reputation of young lawyer Maia Rindell and wipes out the savings of her mentor, Diane Lockhart.”

Baranski, who portrays Diane Lockhart, has starring on the show since 2017. She was currently working on the sixth season of the show when the news was broken.

“I had finished a marvelous workday with John Slattery and Gary Cole — I didn’t know what was coming,” Baranski told TV Line. “By the time I got home, [series co-creators] Robert and Michelle [King] called me and told me it’s going to be the end… I was stunned. My heart dropped…  I tried to be sanguine and understand the reasoning for it, but it was a loss of so many things: the consistency of the work; the marvelous group of people that constitute the show; the marvelous writing.”

It was surprising for some to hear that Baranski didn’t know about the cancellation.

“I don’t think I ever took for granted just how lucky I was to be on such a quality show. I started enjoying the work more than ever in my final few seasons,” she said.

She shared that there were “several reasons” that went into the decision.

“Robert and Michelle wanted to end it while they could still control the narrative, and [there was a sense] that… perhaps, Paramount[+] did not want our [show], which was left over from CBS [All Access]. And Robert and Michelle didn’t want to learn that the show was being pulled without having the narrative control to bring it to an end. Which can often happen,” reports TV Line from Baranski.

Christine Baranski ‘Stunned’ at ‘The Good Fight’ Cancellati

Baranski also brought up Paramount+ and CBS Studio’s, stating that they made the decision “halfway through” shooting this season. She worries that the show will not get a proper ending.

A Twitter user pointed this out, tweeting: “Christine Baranski when Paramount+ told her to not mention the production company’s lack of support and responsibility in the past three years during interviews.” They added a photo of her flipping off the camera.

She also spoke to TV Line about the last day of filming, saying: “The hardest part was hearing, ‘That’s a series wrap on Christine Baranski,’ and then everyone gathering around and me addressing everybody with whom I had worked… It was very emotional. What I said to everybody was, ‘I haven’t processed this… “

Although it is sad that the show is ending, Baranski adds that “there is a lot of feelings to process.” The 6th and final season of the show premieres on September 8.