‘The Office’ Star David Koechner Arrested Again for Drinking and Driving: Report

by Samantha Whidden

Less than a year after being charged with a DUI and hit and run in Los Angeles, “The Office” star David Koechner was reportedly arrested for drinking and driving once again. 

TMZ reports that “The Office” star was arrested by police in Southern Ohio just before 2 a.m. last Saturday (June 4th). This was for driving while under the influence. A source told the media outlet that an Ohio State Trooper noticed Koechner and decided to pull him over. The law enforcement official allegedly smelled alcohol on the actor’s breath. 

“The Office” star received a ticket for the incident, and he will be appearing in court next month. Koechner was to host an “The Office” trivia night at the Ro-Na Cultural Center in Ironton later on that day. 

No real details about the Ohio incident have been released yet. However, “The Office” actor was notably arrested on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles after he blew two tires. He also had a .13 BAC in the field and .12 at the police station. The actor appeared in court for the charges on March 31st.

Following the arrest, David Koechner’s estranged wife, Leigh Koechner, reportedly filed legal documents asking the actor’s visitation with their five children to be temporarily suspended. She also wanted to have “safeguards” put in place. This was to ensure the actor’s sobriety. Koechner previously filed for divorce from his wife in 2020 after nearly 22 years of marriage.

David Koechner Talks About ‘The Office’ Die-Hard Fans 

During a recent interview with Herald-Dispatch, “The Office” star David Koechner opened up about hosting the trivia night in Ironton and what it’s like to hang out with die-hard fans so the series. 

“There’s a different vibration when you get that many die-hard ‘Office’ fans together,” Koechner explained. “They’re all so excited they’re decked out in their Under Mifflin gear, and it’s something they all have a common love of all in the same pace. It’s really unique and a lot of fun to experience.”

The trivia night was to be centered around Koechner’s “The Office” character, Todd Packer, and his role in the series. At the time Koechner said that visitors would get to hear behind-the-scenes stories. He was also going to reveal how he came to be on the show. 

Koechner also said that he has been traveling throughout the U.S. hosting trivia and standup comedy nights. He also said he’s excited to visit Huntington, West Virginia and Ironton, Ohio for the first time. “It’s a unique and rare experience and people are absolutely loving it, so come on out.”

Along with “The Office,” Koechner is known for his roles in “Anchorman” and its sequel, along with “The Comebacks.”