‘The Price Is Right’: How a Three-Way Tie Made Show History

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who has watched The Price Is Right over the years knows that contestants have a journey to take for the Showcase Showdown. You get to Contestants Row, then win there to play a game with host Drew Carey. Then, you make a journey to spin the Big Wheel and attempt to get to that coveted spot. Would you believe that there was one time when all three contestants tied spinning that wheel? It did happen back in 2016.

Here’s what made it even more interesting. It was the first time, according to The Associated Press, that all three contestants earned $1 in different combinations. That feat never happened when Bob Barker was the man on the mike. When this feat did take place, Carey reportedly pumped his fist in the air in celebration. Cathryn, Manfred, and Jessica, who were the contestants, all won $1,000. That’s what you get for the $1 spin in one or two spins.

At Least One Time There Was a Tie During Barker’s Run On ‘The Price Is Right’

So, there was at least one three-way tie while Barker was the host. But one of those contestants happened to land squarely on the $1.00 mark on the Big Wheel. That different combination occurrence between three contestants has only happened with Carey. Of course, you then have to go do a spin-off round because you cannot have three winners vying for the showcase. They’d have to expand those last two segments way beyond their normal time. And that’s not going to happen with the show being an hour long.

In case you did not know, then you can actually watch reruns of The Price Is Right on Roku. There is even a channel specifically dedicated to the Barker-era shows. So, if you want to see him and old-school announcer Johnny Olson on the show, then go check this out. Olson was a familiar announcing voice on a number of classic TV shows.

Before getting The Price Is Right gig, Carey had quite a solid career as a stand-up comedian. He also had The Drew Carey Show as a sitcom on ABC. Back in 2021, the show was celebrating its 50th anniversary in its current incarnation. Yes, the show had been on TV before Barker became host. Carey had some thoughts about why the show remains popular.

“It’s regular people [playing], that’s why,” Carey would tell TV Insider. “And the viewers are regular people who get to see people they can relate to having a fun day and hopefully winning prizes they wish they could win. Even [prizes] you think aren’t so glamorous, like a new kitchen. I mean, I would like a new kitchen!”