‘The Price Is Right’: This May Be the Most Clutch Plinko Win You’ll Ever See

by Megan Molseed

The Plinko game has been a big part of the popular daytime TV game show The Price Is Right for decades now. Anyone who has watched the popular late-morning game show knows this fan-favorite addition to the show…the one where contestants let the chips do the winning!

In the game of Plinko, The Price Is Right contestants guess the prices of a variety of items. For each correct guess, the fan earns one Plinko chip. Then, once the contestant has collected all of their chips, the player takes on the Plinko board. This is where they release the newly acquired game chips down the massive board sending it towards a variety of prize slots which usually range between zero dollars and a prize as big as $10,000.

Sometimes the Plinko players walk away with a few thousand dollars in winnings. Other times, they step away from the Plinko board with very little to show for their time on the stage. And, one recent Price Is Right contestant seemed she would be the latter during a recent round of Plinko. However, a last-minute win ended in one of the best Plinko moments to date.

One The Price Is Right Contestant Shows Us How To End A Round Of Plinko!

In a June 21 Twitter post, the popular daytime game show, The Price Is Right shared an exciting moment from a recent episode. First, this contestant needs to collect her Plinko chips by making correct guesses related to a variety of products on the stage.

Clearly, this Price Is Right fan knows her stuff as she finishes the first round with all four correct guesses. Giving her five tries at the famous Plinko board. This is when the excitement really begins. Take a peek at the impressive clip below:

“It was giving a Cinderella Story,” quips the Tuesday afternoon post on the game show’s Twitter page.

“That final chip came through!!” the message adds.

It’s Anyone’s Guess Where The Plinko Chip Will End Up!

As the contestant heads up the stairs towards the top of the Plinko board, it’s pretty clear that she is feeling nervous. After all, sometimes these Plinko chips aren’t too kind to the Price Is Right players.

With the first drop, the Plinko chip gives the player absolutely nothing, landing in the zero slot. Next, however, the chips decided to be a little friendlier, giving the player a $1,000 win. The chips continued to pay off in the next round when the Plinko board provided another $1,000 win!

It was a streak that fans were excited to see. However, it didn’t last long as the player’s fourth chip landed – yet again – on the zero. Now, there is just one chip left…and the chances of hitting the $10,000 jackpot are pretty low. That’s okay, though…a $2,000 prize on the daytime game show is a pretty good haul!

The Price Is Right player then drops her fifth and final Plinko chip down the board, hoping for the best. And, it paid off quite well! As we watch the chip travel down the board it looks like it’s headed right where we want it to – into the $10,000 section. And, before we know it, the chip lands…giving the contestant a grand-prize win. In total, the player took home $12,000 for the round.