‘The Price Is Right’: Remember When Bob Barker Accidentally Gave Away an Answer?

by Megan Molseed

It was 1984 and one Price Is Right contestant, Albert was playing Pick A Pair on the iconic daytime TV game show. In this popular mini-game, the contestant is tasked with pairing together two products (out of a choice of six) that are priced the same. And, Albert being from Texas, his first selection was a Carroll Shelby’s Original Texas Chili. Barker then reveals this product’s price at $1.59.

In order to win this mini-game now, Albert must select the other product on the Pick-A-Pair wheel that goes for the same price. However, this turn ended up being a super easy one for Albert, as the game show’s host, Bob Barker, accidentally gave the answer away – just a few minutes into the mini-game.

Albert Tries To ‘Pick-A-Pair’ To Win A Trip To Japan During One 1984 Installment Of The Price Is Right

As Albert faces the Pick-A-Pair game in this 1984 episode of The Price Is Right, he knew there was something impressive at stake…a dream trip to Tokyo valued at $3,605. There are a variety of options on the Pick-A-Pair wheel, the video clip shows. These items include a box of raisins, a loaf of garlic bread, a bag of chili, and a jar of honey.

“OK, now which one of these products do you want to start off with, Albert?” Bob Barker asks Albert in his trademark game-show host style. Albert’s selection, the bag of chili, is priced at $1.59. He now must select the other product on the wheel that falls at this same price point.

“Now if you can pick out another product that’s a dollar fifty-nine, we will give you a trip to Japan,” Bob tells Albert. As is tradition on the long-running daytime TV show, the audience members begin to chime in. Calling out their product guesses as Albert watches the options wheel by. Finally, the contestant makes his selection, the garlic bread.

Albert Misses His Mark On The First Guess Before Barker Accidentally Gives The Answer Away

After Albert makes his Price Is Right guess in the popular mini-game, the wheel spins around to his selected product, the garlic bread. However, Albert’s guess was off, and the garlic bread wasn’t a match with a cost of $1.19.

“Do you know which one of them is a dollar fifty-nine?” Bob Barker asks Albert after revealing the price of the garlic bread.

“The raisins,” Barker tells the contestant. “The raisins are a dollar fifty-nine.”

Then, the host realizes what has just happened. “Oh wait a minute—what am I doing?” the host says.

“The game’s not over,” he continues.

However, Bob Barker has long proven to game show viewers that he is nothing if not professional. And he quickly owns up to the gaff. Telling Albert that he has “a good chance of winning this game.”

Was Anyone Surprised When Albert Decided To Stick With The Chili?

At this point in the game, the contestant can choose to try another product at the original price. They also have the option to select the other product to price-match. Albert, of course, stuck with the chili. Successfully pairing this with the raisins in the second round, and winning the dream trip to Japan.