‘The Rookie’ Stars Nathan Fillion and Melissa O’Neil Provide Season 5 Filming Update From Set

by Megan Molseed

Things are getting exciting for the ABC primetime TV series, The Rookie. And, thankfully, the stars of the popular series, Nathan Fillion and Melissa O’Neil are giving fans updates as they go!

In a recent Instagram post, the stars of The Rookie gave fans of the ABC series a rundown as they continue to film the show’s fifth season. And, it seems, there are more projects in the works for The Rookie team as well!

The Rookie Stars Nathan Fillion and Melissa O’Neil Have ‘So Much To Report’ As Filming For Season 5 Gets Underway

In a recent Instagram post, Nathan Fillion and Melissa O’Neil share a video message with their fans as they drive on the studio lots. And, O’Neil tells fans in the video that she and Fillion are heading towards a new set location as filming for the fifth season of the popular prime-time series continues.

The caption for the Insta post starts out reading, “so much to report!”

The message then notes that while the cast of The Rookie had quite a bit of time away from the set, they are ready to get started on making a season five. And, it’s an exciting reunion, the stars say in their message.

“Still integrating from an extremely potent time away from work,” the Insta caption reads.

“Phewph!” the post continues. “More on that another time – maybe.”

But, “in the meantime,” Melissa O’Neil notes in her message, the stars are giving a “little hey-hello,” to their fans.

“Such a treat to be back at it with our @therookieabc fam!!!” the star adds.

Along with the Instagram comments, Nathan Fillion and Melissa O’Neil share a video message update for their Rookie fans. And, this update is even bigger than fans of the popular series could have even hoped!

“You have already spent – I mean, is it a spoiler to say what you did on day one,” a masked Melissa O’Neil asks her costar as the two stars ride along on the studio lot.

Fillion, who is also wearing his mask responds with a quizzical “I don’t think so,” before adding “let’s just go, let’s just do it!”

O’Neil then takes the leap asking Fillion to explain for the clip what he did during the first day back on the set.

“What did you do for day one?” the actress asks her Rookie costar.

“I did another episode of another show called Rookie: Feds,” Fillion says as O’Neil show’s her obvious excitement.

“Our first spin-off, ever of the Rookie,” Fillion adds. “Hopefully not the last!”