‘The Rookie’: What Does Season 5 Hold for John Nolan?

by Megan Molseed

Nathan Fillion is headed back to ABC for the fifth season of the popular TV procedural series The Rookie. And here’s what Rookie fans can expect from Fillion’s John Nolan in these new episodes.

“Early in season 5, John Nolan’s going to become a training officer,” notes Alexi Hawley, one of the minds behind The Rookie series. However, this showrunner notes that even though Fillion’s character will be promoted to a training officer role, the series premise will continue as before.

“He’ll be the oldest rookie training officer,” Hawley says of Nolan’s future in the popular ABC series.

Fans Will Be Meeting A Character In The Show’s Fifth Season

During a panel discussion at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, Nathan Fillion teased that his character will be receiving the promotion. This also means he’ll be training another rookie as this upcoming season gets underway later this fall.

“We started off with, this guy is the rookie,” Nathan Fillion says during the recent panel discussion.

“Now he’s elevated to another level of his job,” the star adds. Fillion also notes that he is again starting at the bottom in this new role. However, he does have his own rookie. One who is making similar mistakes to Nolan’s in these new episodes.

“I get a brand new rookie,” the actor explains.

“Who’s making all the same mistakes I was making as a rookie,” Fillion adds.

The Rookie Is Adding A Whole New Spin-Off With The Rookie: Feds

As the Nathan Fillion-led series, The Rookie returns to ABC this fall, a whole new world with a spin-off series, The Rookie: Feds. This series has already been introduced to fans during a special two-part episode of the original series last season.

“It’s always been in the back of my head,” Hawley notes of the spin-off series.

“It’s a universal experience, the restarting your life,” Hawley continues. “The second chapter.” Hawley adds that “it always felt like there was room for that to grow.”

The showrunner also notes that this growth was easy once the original series had “a couple of seasons under our belt,” it became easy to expand the universe. Hawley adds that, initially, they weren’t sure what direction this spinoff would go.

“There’s a lot of different ways we could’ve gone,” Hawley says of the spinoff options.

“Staying in law enforcement, branching out to a law show, a medical show,” he says.

“But it felt like our first step should stay in that universe,” the showrunner adds.

“I selfishly wanted to keep us in Los Angeles,” Hawley explains. “So it became about a federal agency that’s in Los Angeles that could be in tandem with the LAPD.”

The Rookie returns to ABC on Sept. 25. The show’s spinoff series, The Rookie: Feds hits the airwaves a few days later on Sept. 27.