‘The Terminal List’: Chris Pratt-Led Series Gets Major Season 2 Update

by Joe Rutland

For those who love to watch The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt, then we have some news that should make you happy. We are learning, according to TV Insider, that Pratt is negotiating for a return to his role as Lieutenant Commander James Reece.

The Terminal List happens to be based on a 2018 novel written by Jack Carr, who is a former Navy SEAL. In the series, Reece is a Navy SEAL who is out for revenge after his family is murdered. Carr happens to talk about plans for a new season in an interview with the U.K publication Daily Mail.

“Chris wants to do it, and Amazon wants to do it,” Carr said. “But it could all fall apart. It would be an eight-part series based on the second book True Believer. We shall see.” The Terminal List aired on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video and premiered on July 1. Carr also is an executive producer on that show.

Other stars in The Terminal List include Jeanne Tripplehorn, Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, and Constance Wu. Critics were not too hip about the show but viewers were all in to watch it. Based on the first week of ratings, we saw The Terminal List hit the No. 2 spot of the most streamed shows in America. For eight episodes, there were 1.6 billion minutes viewed.

One thing that Carr appears to be focused on is making life easier for Pratt. In the interview, Carr said, “We almost killed Chris last time! He carried the weight of the show on his shoulders but never complained once. Virtually every scene was him. It was a lot of work. I’ve worked in a couple of subplots to take the pressure off him in the next series.” While he talked about Pratt’s involvement with the show, Carr is still working on book No. 6 in the Reece series. How does he write so well? He told the Daily Mail that going to a cabin helps him out. “It means there are no distractions at all,” Carr said. “And I am constantly thinking about the story or writing it even if I’m making a sandwich or getting a drink – even if it’s a whisky!”

Meanwhile, as we mentioned, critics are not too hip about Pratt’s new show. Well, he is calling them out and terms them “woke critics.” Fans went over to Rotten Tomatoes and gave the show an audience score of 94 percent. After seeing this, Pratt shared in his own Instagram Stories that The Terminal List is “fresh” certified. Then, he posted up a report suggesting that Pratt defied those “woke critics” with the new show.