‘The Terminal List’ Showrunner Speaks Out About Fan Response to the New Chris Pratt-Led Show

by Suzanne Halliburton

The showrunner for The Terminal List is offering some advice when watching the new series on Amazon Prime. Don’t view the show through a political lens. The reaction from those who don’t is “bonkers.”

Sure, it’s easy to make such a show political. Just look at the Terminal List log line: “A former Navy SEAL officer investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission.” The SEAL officer is Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt, who returns to the small screen for the first time since the NBC comedy Parks and Rec. You might’ve seen him recently as the ex-military velociraptor whisperer in Jurassic World Dominion.

The Terminal List premiered July 1. Since then, it’s the most-watched series on Amazon Prime.

“Different people will view it differently, and that’s OK, that’s OK.,” said Terminal List showrunner David DiGilio in an interview with Slashfilm. “I think that’s the danger of politicizing it, is it makes you come in having to judge instead of going in being entertained and coming out with your own read on it. And that is the part that I think the fans, like you look at the reaction online, that’s what they’re loving.”

Chris Pratt and cast members of The Terminal List meet with veterans of all ages at the series premiere.(Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Prime Video)

Showrunner Says Terminal List Is ‘Violent, but Entertaining’

Pratt portrays Lt. Commander James Reece. Riley Keough plays his wife, Lauren. Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards, an ex SEAL who now is a CIA operative. Constance Wu is a war correspondent. and Jeanne Tripplehorn portrays the Secretary of Defense. Meanwhile, 1883 star LaMonica Garrett plays recurring character Bill Cox, commander of SEAL team seven.

DiGilio said he’s in agreement with producer Antoine Fuqua. The Terminal List is “a cautionary tale.”

“And so, it’s not a political show,” DiGilio said. “It is a show that is about an authentic experience that does not get portrayed very much on-screen these days. (It’s) really too bad and needs to be portrayed more, and that was the only thing. The show, there will be people who maybe it’s too dark for. It’s pretty violent, but it is entertaining.

“If you don’t come in trying to politicize it, it’s just an awesome ride and an incredible look at a character who is a massive character,” DiGilio said. “James Reece has an enormous following and is an incredible portrayal of that warrior spirit. We’re really pumped about it, because it’s really connecting with people.”

Although it’s still early, The Terminal List is currently more popular than fellow Amazon Prime series The Boys. The showrunner is ecstatic at the response.

“Oh, it’s been epic. Absolutely epic,” DiGiglio said. “The fan response has been bonkers, and I think it was just announced that the show was the number one show on Prime Video last weekend, so it beat The Boys, which is nuts.