PHOTO: ‘The View’ Blasted for ‘Endorsing Violence’ With Child’s Oscars Slap Costume

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy ABC)

Viewers who were watching the ABC talk show The View on Monday were shocked to see one costume reflect a big event. A child wore a golden suit with a hand imprint on the face. Why? The show was doing a Halloween-themed episode and the child was dressed as an Academy Award statuette. The handprint, which is right on his face, reflects the now-infamous “Oscars slap.” And this segment of the show featured The View wardrobe supervisor Ashley Alderfer Kaufman. She appeared on there and introduced each costume based on “hot topics” discussed on the show during this year, the New York Post reports.

Part of the showcase did include “inflation,” which was depicted as a child dressed as a car-dealership inflatable and fake money glued to the sides. Another part was focused on “the Mar-a-Lago raid” as a kid was dressed as former President Trump while flushing classified documents down a toilet. Yet the social media machine started cranking up about the slap costume. Kaufman said on the show, “We do not want to endorse violence of any kind, but we couldn’t help but talk about one of the hottest topics of this year.” The outlet reportedly reached out to The View for a comment.

Fans Of ‘The View’ Let Show Hear It Over Slap Costume

Once people started seeing the costume, they went over to Twitter and started raging. “Not a fan of that Oscar slap costume,” wrote one user to the platform. Another one wrote, “Bad taste on the Oscar slap.” This viewer said, “What was that Chris Rock costume. I don’t want to endorse violence but here’s a costume endorsing violence. DO BETTER!!”

While The View faces an onslaught over the slap costume, one thing about one of the show’s hosts caught the others off-guard. What could it be about? One time, Whoopi Goldberg revealed to the other hosts that she does not have eyebrows.

One topic that they talked about is the craze around bleached eyebrows. Goldberg, in one episode of the show, questioned all the debate that was doing down. One thing that those co-hosts didn’t really realize is that Goldberg does not have any eyebrows. Goldberg said, “I have to do this with a straight face.” The actress-comedian turned her delivery into a deadpan state. “Stars like Kendall Jenner, Lady, Gaga, and Doja Cat are getting into the trend of shaving or bleaching their eyebrows.” Then Goldberg asked, “How do you feel about this no-brow look?” She looked into the camera and raised her eyebrows. See, she keeps her eyebrows shaved.