‘The View Co-Host Sara Haines’ New Instagram Pic Has Fans Talking

by Samantha Whidden

With The View currently on hiatus for the rest of the month, co-host Sara Haines is taking a much-needed vacation and enjoying some time in her hometown of Newtown, Iowa. 

In a post on Instagram, The View co-host shared a snapshot of her and her family having fun on the trip by posing all together in an old fashion telephone booth. “When a phone both become a clown car,” Haines captioned the post. 

While some followers of The View co-host gushed about her appearance (wearing a pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt), others were shocked to see the phone booth. “They still have a phone booth?! OMG,” one fan wrote. Another fan joked that was where Superman changes. “How many relatives can you get in a phone booth?” a fellow admirer added. 

Sara Haines first became a The View permanent co-host in 2016. She went on to join the Good Morning America team and hosted GMA3 with Michael Strahan in 2018. Keke Palmer joined the show in 2019. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic began, GMA3 was officially canceled. She returned to the daytime talk show not long after that. 

Sara Haines Opens Up About ‘The View’ Season 25 Guest Co-Host Shakeup 

While speaking to TooFab earlier this summer, Sara Haines spoke about The View Season 25 and the guest co-host shakeup that occurred during the season. 

“I like to say this season has been a lot of fun,” Haines observed. “Because sitting at that table is like eating with your family every night. The guest co-hosts have been like someone brought a friend.”

The View co-host also said that she and the other co-hosts know a lot of what they think and feel. There there was some interesting feelings about the guest co-hosts. “You find yourself leaning in and being like, “What does the new one think? What do you think about this?’ As they also, some of them have returned, it’s given some familiarity and storylines that you start building off of.”

Haines also said The View co-hosts never knew what they were going to get from the guest co-hosts. “Normally, I’m a planner, but I’ve really enjoyed a season where you keep shaking it up.”

Meanwhile, Haines also spoke about her other show The Chase. She opened up about her favorite aspects of the show. “I think the best part of these people, beyond their quizzing credentials, it’s their personalities. They kind of came in this year as the newbies and after Day 1, you would have thought they were there the whole time.”

Haines went on to add that she and The Chase crew were able to be on the same floor after the change of COVID-19 protocols. “So it literally felt like a dorm.”