‘The View’: Elisabeth Hasselback Returns, Social Media Instantly Sounds Off

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (August 3rd) Elisabeth Hasselback made her return to “The View” almost a decade after her firing. And social instantly sounds off about her appearance on the TV talk show. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the latest episode of “The View” began when panel moderator Whoopi Goldberg introduced Hasselbeck as being the “first conservative” she has been able to have “the best” conversations with on divisive issues.

However, things took a quick turn when “The View” guest went up against Goldberg on the issue of abortion. “I believe our creator assigned value to life,” Hasselbeck declared. “And that those lives have plan and purpose over them as designed by God that are not limited to the circumstances of conception; nor the situations they’re both into. 

Hasselbeck then told “The View” co-hosts that she thinks there are other options out there. “There are thousands of agencies that wrap around women that might not be able to care for the baby once born or may not want the baby when they’re pregnant, or maybe it was unexpected and they’re in a hard situation, but that will come around at no cost and wrap around you.”

Hasselbeck did acknowledge that she may not change minds about abortion. But she hopes women out there will look for nonprofits to help them. Goldberg responded “God doesn’t make mistakes” and made humans smart enough to know when it isn’t going to work for them. “That’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice.”

Hasselbeck countered that life has a plan and a purpose designed by God. She ended the discussion by stating, “I’d agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.”

‘The View’ Fans Sound Off About Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Return to the Daytime Talk Show 

Meanwhile, “The View” fans had some thoughts about Elisabeth Hasselbeck making an appearance on the talk show. “Thank god she’s no longer on the show,” one fan declared on Twitter. “She breathlessly pushes her fundamentalist beliefs and refuses to see anyone else’s point of view. ‘I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.’ Seriously?”

Another fan responded to Hasselbeck’s views on abortion and the pro-choice stance. “Liz is trying to push her values and religion on others every chance she gets. She apparently missed the point on the ‘right to choose’ segment. It’s none your biz what decisions I make with my doctor in the privacy of the exam room.”

Hasselbeck spoke about making an appearance on “The View” last week. “It will be an honor to cohost The View, share our bestselling children’s book, “Flashlight Night”, and as always tackle hot topics!” the former co-host told People. She went on to add, “Pray for me y’all!”