‘The View’ Fans Are Extremely Divided Over Reported New Co-Host

by Joe Rutland

ABC daytime talk show The View has added Alyssa Farrah Griffin to its panel of cohosts but this leaves fans a bit ticked off. As you know, Meghan McCain left her role there. She had been a conservative voice among the show’s other hosts. Well, the ABC talker picked Griffin after going through a number of guest hosts. They would include Candace Cameron Bure and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

It was supposed to be a period of time before Griffin made her debut. Well, that supposed time delay simply did not happen. Griffin joined the other show hosts on Wednesday’s broadcast. She’s a former political adviser to former president Donald Trump. Fans who flock to watch The View headed over to Twitter and shared their thoughts.

Fans Of ‘The View’ Are Offering Their Thoughts About Alyssa Farrah Griffin

One writes, “Yeah it’s a no from me dog. I’m done with #theview”. Another fan says in part, “I will stop watching if @Alyssafarah is made permanent host!!” This one writes, “The moment they officially announce Alyssa as new co host my stomach is gonna drop. I can’t stand the producers for thinking this is the best choice after 4 years of the viewers complaining about Meghan”.

When Griffin joined the other hosts on The View on Wednesday, there reportedly was no official announcement. TV Shows Ace indicates that there were other responses on Twitter welcoming Griffin to the show. Hasselbeck also will be coming back as a guest co-host at times.

Show Might Gain Viewers With New Host On Board

Joy Behar, Sarah Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg are also hosts for The View. The show’s 26th season will debut in September 2022. It should be before then that the official announcement about Griffin is made by show producers. There also is another reported story about comedian Wanda Sykes canceling an appearance on the show over having Griffin hired by the show. Lindsey Granger was in the running for that job and fans reportedly wanted Selma Blair on there, too. Now that the decision has been made, fans either will flock to the show or run away from it. New viewers might find themselves drawn to the show due to Griffin’s role.

Whatever happens, we can be sure that there will be some people who are happy and others who are upset. Griffin will be the conservative voice on there. The View appears to want both voices in the political spectrum represented. Opinions have been known to be shared freely by the show’s hosts. With Griffin coming on board, that does not look like it will change anytime soon. The View originally was anchored by the long-time reporter and interviewer Barbara Walters.