‘The View’ Fans Call Out Whoopi Goldberg’s Out-of-the-Ordinary Behavior on Recent Episode

by Emily Morgan

Fans of “The View” are calling out Whoopi Golderber for her questionable behavior as a host on the TV talk show. The show has drawn in viewers for decades with its likable hosts and exciting topics. However, the show has made headlines recently thanks to Goldberg’s antics like using foul language. Now, some fans are calling for her removal from the Emmy-winning show.

On Twitter, one user was particularly critical of the 66-year-old. They pointed out her odd demeanor during Thursday’s episode. “Why does Whoopi keep “laugh talking?” #TheView,” they wrote.

“It’s her defense mechanism,” someone else theorized. “Yeah it’s annoying with serious issues, but like someone else said, it’s probably a defense mechanism #TheView,” added another user.

In the past, viewers commented on her behavior during the live episode after she fired off on her co-hosts and made demands from her studio audience. At the time of the incident, co-hosts Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro discussed gun violence. Soon after the topic came up, Goldberg said she’d had enough.

Before the TV icon sent the show into a commercial, Hostin wanted to add one last comment. However, Goldberg told her she had to do it “quickly,” and as a result, all the hosts chimed in with their thoughts.

Eventually, she cut them all off, saying: “Okay, I can’t do this with y’all!”
Then, she added, “I gotta go. I can’t do it anymore.”

Goldberg, who also acts as a moderator for “The View,” then focused on the studio audience and told them they were allowed to clap. One shocked viewer tweeted about her demanding things from the audience, writing: “What was that? You can clap?”

Viewers continue to speak out about Whoopi Goldberg’s antics on ‘The View’

Another user was surprised by Goldberg’s annoyance with her co-hosts, with “Whoopi saying she can’t do that with them anymore!” Earlier in the week, Goldberg had an uncomfortable moment with Hostin after she and Behar got into an argument on camera. The two went back and forth until it was time for a commercial.

Then, Hostin abruptly stopped the argument and said they’d revisit it later. However, she stepped on Goldberg’s toes when she acted as a moderator.

When the camera panned onto the moderator for her to tell viewers they were going to cut to a commercial break, she took a beat. Goldberg stared into the camera oddly for a moment, then gave an annoyed glance to the live audience.

One fan tweeted: “Whoopi’s facial expressions are unmatched.” Another wrote: “Lol Whoopi’s look to the audience!” A third wrote that “Whoopi’s facial expressions are priceless!”

The uncomfortable moment also comes after yet another contentious moment between Goldberg and Hostin. Fans criticized Goldberg when she cut her off and told her to finish her point. Afterward, one viewer tweeted, “Whoopi stays on Sunny’s neck.”

Fans of “The View” have recently called for her firing from the show after her controversial comments that got her suspended for ‘racist’ remarks about the Holocaust back in January.