‘The View’ Fans Call Out Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘Rude’ Comment to Joy Behar

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you’re a loyal watcher of The View, you know the one thing that keeps Whoopi Goldberg cranky is when she’s rushed by producers to go to break.

So imagine being on a strange, temporary set. And said set is outdoors, near a Bahama beach, with a lively audience. That’s The View this week. You know you’re not in NYC anymore when you’re asked to do (checks notes) Flamingo Yoga.

Was Whoopi Really Rude to Joy on The View this Week?

Tabloid “The Sun,” an offshoot of the London version, is reporting that some The View fans believe Goldberg is being rude to her fellow hosts. Goldberg is the moderator. It’s like sitting at the end of a blackjack table. You’ve got final say, especially when the producers are desperate to go to commercial. Sell those ads.

On Wednesday, Joy Behar was readying to introduce her segment. Whoopi tosses her the intro. “Okay, I hear you may have found a new calling here at Baha Mar, Joy. What’s up?”

Behar told the panel, “yeah, I had a little adventure of my own yesterday.” And Goldberg quipped, “do tell,” then added, “Quick.”

Later in The View episode, Goldberg tried to rush Behar as she asked a question of Saturday Night Live comedian Chloe Fineman. Goldberg asked Behar if she saw the man behind the camera. “Oh, yeah, sorry. We have to go,” Behar said.

Fineman turned out to be a popular guest. You can check out some of her spot-on impressions here.

Show Topped Ratings for Second Quarter of 2022

Behar did a comic bit where she appeared to ride down a giant water slide. Fellow co-hosts Sara Haines and Anna Navarro were impressed with Behar’s effort and the fact that somehow, she didn’t get her hair wet. After The View posted the clip on social media, one fan posted: “Love it! So there is a trash paper saying Whoop gave you a snack down. I said they have been friends for years and you do not want to be that person who assumes/reports on people you know nothing about.”

Behar also did a segment where she posed as a bartender, pouring drinks with an extra shot of advice. A fan wrote: “So awesome to see some normalcy and fun. Life is stressful, there’s a lot of serious things happening, but we all need to experience happiness and joy! Joy my husband and I want to renew our vows, we’re going to look you up!”

The View will continue its shows from the Bahamas Thursday and Friday. before returning home to New York. Actors Viola Davis and Craig Robinson are set to appear. Amber Ruffin also will be a guest co-host.

Each of The View episodes starts with hot topics. Sometimes the show goes to an all-hot topic format. And the topics this week are particularly controversial, as the moderators reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe Vs Wade.

The View received some good ratings news this week. The show, with viewership at 2.392 million per episode, topped all national and syndicated daytime talk shows for the second quarter of 2022. For context, here are the viewership numbers of other talk shows: Live with Kelly and Ryan” (2.273 million), Dr. Phil (2.267 million), NBC’s “Today Third Hour” (2.006 million), CBS’ “The Talk” (1.527 million) and “TODAY with Hoda & Jenna” (1.5 million).