‘The View’ Fans Demand a Change Following ‘Boring’ Season 26 Preview

by Samantha Whidden

Following a sneak peek of what’s the come in the 26th season of The View, fans of the daytime talk show are demanding some changes to the hot topics table. 

According to The Sun, The View fans are demanding changes after referring to the 26th season trailer as being boring. In the sneak peek, fans just noticed that co-host panel was just about the only thing that has changed on the talk show’s set. The caption in the video reads, “Countdown is on” and the new season will have “new views” and “new co-hosts.” The new season will premiere on September 6th. 

One The View fan pointed out that nothing has really changed on the show. This includes the set’s look. “Anyone else just praying for a new or updated set/colors/graphics????” one fan wrote. Another agreed with the idea of a new stage. “I would love a new set! I think the updates for Season 25 were good and will probably last another year, but in terms of the bare bones, they’ve had this set since 2014! Time for a change!”

Meanwhile, a fan also noticed a slight change. “Anyone else notice the tint of blue changed? It’s darker compared to the light blue of last season.” 

Another fan went on to write that they hope something is “shifting” and changes are on the way. “New aesthetics coming? Remodeling? 7th co-host announcement soon?” 

The View previously changed its set in 2014 as well as a new logo. Nearly eight years later, the only major change done is that the chairs around the hot topics table have changed from cushier chairs to sleek. 

Ana Navarro & Alyssa Farah Griffin Open Up About Their ‘The View’ Co-Hosting Approach 

While speaking to PEOPLE recently, Ana Navarro, spoke about how she will be approaching her thoughts as a permanent co-host on The View. The political commentator has been on the daytime talks show since 2013 as a guest co-host and a regular co-host in 2018. 

“When you make the decision to be on TV, you need to know who you are,” Navarro explained. “Know what you believe in, and you need to know to be able to defend it with conviction because you’re going to be challenged. The only way I know how to be is authentic.”

Meanwhile, fellow The View co-host and former press secretary in the Trump Administration, Alyssa Farah Griffin spoke about how her past experience is helping her on the show. “My background is pretty unique from other conservative hosts. I worked for one of the most, if not the most, divisive Presidents in history.”

Farah Griffin also said that she learned a lot from her time at the White House. “I walked away committed to the feeling in my bones that I want to be part of solutions, not add to the division.”