‘The View’ Fans Furious After Show Interrupted Nationwide

by Shelby Scott

The View has drawn the eyes of audiences globally. However, on Monday morning, fans of the talk show became infuriated when the latest live airing was interrupted and canceled across the nation.

According to The U.S. Sun, Monday’s episode of The View was to be an exciting one, with the show’s official social media pages teasing the celebrity guest.

“COMING UP,” the post began. “[David Duchovny] joins us LIVE to talk about his new novella, #TheReservoir.”

Suddenly though, just as fans prepared for The X-Files actor’s appearance, The View cut out. Instead, the talk show’s audience caught footage of the Jan. 6th hearings which began at 10 a.m., conflicting with The View‘s air time.

Taking to social media, one fan declared, ‘They are doing all of this and interrupting my morning talk shows!”

Other fans of the long-running talk show suggested The View likely won’t air throughout much of the week as the Jan. 6th hearings ensue.

Taking to social media, one informed The View fan said, “No #TheView today and most likely all week because of the #January6thHearings.”

Following the show’s Monday morning cancelation, other viewers began to wonder when and if the airing would take place at another time.

‘The View’ Fans Shocked After LeVar Burton Slip-Up

The drama ensues this week on The View as Americans nationwide tune in to the January 6th hearings. However, just ahead of the talk show’s Monday morning cancelation, fans were slammed with another shocking moment as actor LeVar Burton cussed on national television.

As per the news outlet, Burton took to The View‘s stage last week and, soon enough, got on the topic of banned books with talk show host Joy Behar.

Snorting his annoyance and contempt for the growing multitude of banned books nationwide, Burton called the practice absolute “bullsh*t.”

The View fans expressed their shock on social media.

“Oh my #LavarBurton said ‘bulls**t’ not my Lavar,” one fan shared in response.

Another said, “I heard that! Bull shiggedy!”

Despite the massive response to his slip-up, Burton wrote on social media, “I said what I meant and I meant what I said!”

Burton’s raw conclusion came after Behar asked for his full reaction to the ongoing book banning. She began the conversation by stating, “Over the last few years, there has been an ongoing push to ban more children’s books,” especially detailing race and sexuality especially.