‘The View’ Fans Left Stunned Over LeVar Burton’s Slip-Up During Tense Discussion

by Emily Morgan

Former “Jeopardy!” guest host LeVar Burton sent shockwaves across the nation after making a massive blunder during his appearance on “The View.”

On Thursday, the “Reading Rainbow” alum ruffled some feathers when he revealed his true feelings about book banning. The jaw-dropping moment happened after co-host host Joy Behar asked him about the current banning of books happening across the country, per The Sun.

“Over the last few years, there has been an ongoing push to ban more children’s books,” Behar began. “Especially about race, sexuality, and basically American history.” When Behar asked Burton to give his “reaction” to the topic, he jumped at the chance. Burton gave her a serious look before he described the act “bulls**t.”

After the tense moment aired, viewers were quick to head to Twitter to give their thoughts. “Oh my #LavarBurton said ‘bulls**t’ not my Lavar…” said one shocked viewer. Although production was quick to bleep over the curse word, viewers at home knew what went down. “I heard that!! Bull shiggedy,” someone else wrote.

LeVar Burton is best known for hosting the education kids program, “Reading Rainbow,” which taught reading skills and offered book recommendations, which could be why he strongly reacted when she brought up the topic.

LeVar Burton criticizes trivia show: ‘It really wasn’t what it said it was’

As of late, fans of LeVar Burton were hoping he’d have a permanent place behind the podium as the show’s new host after the passing of Alex Trebek. However, he did get to step on the “Jeopardy!” stage as a guest host. Ultimately, showrunners decided to peg Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings as alternating hosts of the classic quiz show. Currently, it’s unclear who will get the permanent role on “Jeopardy!”

During an interview last week, the “Star Trek” alum slammed the trivia show and its disgraced producer Mike Richards for the “distasteful” way they turned him down. Burton’s loyal fans point out that his guest spot aired at the same time as the Olympics, which they believe shows that the show was rigged.

While he said he also partially agreed with some fan’s thinking that he was “duped by the process,” saying “it was not a competition to find a new host, really, because the fix was always in.”

“It was only scandal that forced Sony Pictures Television to go in a different direction,” he added. “In fact, they tried to keep [Mike, who later stepped down due to misogynistic comments] on [as host]. I mean, I don’t need to rehash the chain of events.

He continued, saying, “It really wasn’t what they said it was. And so my conclusion is I got what I asked for: I got a tryout, I got a chance to guest host.” The iconic TV personality also shared that although he assumed “it was an equal playing field and they were really looking to find a permanent solution,” he “ultimately” was not happy.