‘The View’ Fans Threaten Boycott if Alyssa Farah Griffin Is Hired Full-Time

by Samantha Whidden

With “The View” crew plans to officially announce the newest permanent co-host later this week, fans are already planning to boycott if Alyssa Farah Griffin is selected. 

Farah Griffin was the communications director in the Trump Administration before she resigned in December 2020. She has been a rumored frontrunner for the “The View” co-host position. The seat was previously held by Meghan McCain from October 2017 to August 2021. 

Throughout the latest season of “The View,” guest co-hosts have been covering the vacant seat. Among those who have co-hosted include Farah Griffin, Mia Love, Gretchen Carlson, Eboni Williams, Tara Setmayer, Lindsey Granger, Condoleezza Rice, and Michel Tafoya. 

However, many “The View” fans have been vocal against Farah Griffin being a permanent co-host. One fan accuses ABC News of believing that Farah Griffin’s appointment will give the talk show higher ratings. “Time to show execs they crossed a line when they signed a Trump propagandist. Nobody who cares about democracy wants to see her sorry mug.”

Another fan goes on to declare, “If Alyssa is announced then it’s time to #BoycottTheView and let ratings drop so she gets fired sooner.”

One viewer remained optimistic when it came to Farah Griffin being the new “The View” co-host. “The one nice thing about Alyssa Farah Griffin being named a permanent co-host is that I will have an extra 200 hours a year. What could you accomplish with another 200 hours a year? #BoycottTheView #TheView.”

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Calls Out ABC Over Alyssa Farah Griffin Being Consider a Permanent Co-Host of ‘The View’ 

MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection” host, Tiffany Cross, called out ABC for considering Farah Griffin of being a permanent co-host of “The View.”

“Now, ABC has not made a formal announcement,” Cross clarified. “But let’s please not forget that this tawdry turncoat Trump loyalist quickly morphed into an opportunist. [All] after voluntarily taking jobs with the Trump administration. Signing on to work for his regime knowing full well what Trump represented. And she rode his wave of open xenophobia and racism all the way to network television.”

Cross then cited Vanity Fair when Farah Griffin admitted that she had a “few sips” of the Trump Kool-Aid. “Guzzling down that Kool-Aid like it was the bleach your boss once said cured the ‘rona,” Cross then retorted. The MSNBC host then accused Farah Griffin of writing for what she described as “right-wing conspiracy website” WorldNetDaily. Which is the website that Farah Griffin’s father actually founded. Cross noted that Farah Griffin also supported Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan when she worked on Capitol Hill. 

However, Farah Griffin did denounce the chaos of January 6th. But Cross stated that not everyone has a positive impression about what the former communications director said. “That was a convenient thing to do,” Cross said.