‘The View’ Fans Voice Concern After Cohost Was Missing From Show on Monday

by Craig Garrett

After Monday’s episode of ABC’s The View, fans have been concerned about missing host, legal expert Sunny Hostin. Debuting in 1997, the daytime talk show is one of the longest-running of its kind on TV. Long-time viewers are quick to note any changes to the show. Despite Sunny’s absence, Sara Haines has been compelled to perform as a “knock-off lawyer” for the program since legal notes had to be shared on-air.

After a few weeks of hosts alternating between being away, Whoopi Goldberg moved swiftly to address any fan worries about Sunny Hostin not being there. Goldberg waited for Monday’s lineup, which included Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro, to be seated. However, before any subject was brought up, the comedian got out ahead of any rumors.“Welcome to The View, Sunny has the day off,” Whoopi quipped.

However, Goldberg’s caution didn’t seem to deter fan speculation. Without direct knowledge of when Sunny would return, fans panicked. “Where is Sunny?!”, one fan tweeted. Another concerned fan tweeted, “Wait, no Sunny?” Another fan threw down the gauntlet. “Sunny should not be allowed any days off. The show is never the same without her!”

When it came time for Sara to pass on legal information, she was compelled to do so as a result of Sunny’s absence. “Oh, I’ve got a legal note,” Sara said.”Oh, Sunny normally does this, Joy Behar deadpanned. “I know, I know. [I’m] the knock-off lawyer,” Sara joked. In the episode, she filled in for Sunny with a second legal notification on the program.

The View has had a revolving door of missing hosts lately

Fans have expressed concerns about the direction of the hosting panel. There have been a number of cast members who have missed recent episodes. Whoopi was out on Friday, forcing Joy to take over as the main host. Joy got more praise from the fans than Whoopi for her composure as a moderator. They noticed how much more peaceful and laid-back the whole program appeared to be. However, one might argue that Goldberg’s more aggressive style brings energy to the show.

Both Joy and Sara were absent from the talk show for the whole week before. Again, Whoopi attempted to put fans at ease. On the first day of the hosts’ absence, she gave viewers all the information she knew. “Welcome to The View. We are back here at home because we were gone for a little while. We were in the Bahamas.” She added, “We have to tell you, Sara is out with Covid.” After a brief pause, Goldberg continued. “Joy does not have Covid, but she’s not in today. She’s taking the day off.”

The 79-year-old was forced to take the entire week off. Fans weren’t updated on why she was missing until Thursday, July 14. “Joy is not out with Covid,” Whoopi insisted. “She’s getting over something else, the flu…or maybe she’s pregnant, I don’t know,” she quipped. However, when Joy returned on Monday, July 18th, she clarified her absence. “I had a virus. That’s it! A really strong virus. I tested negative in five tests I did not have it.”