‘The View’: ‘Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee Makes Big Mistake on Live TV as Guest Host

by Craig Garrett

The View‘s guest host Ginger Zee made a gaffe on live TV while speaking to a guest and didn’t seem to notice it. Zee is the chief meteorologist for GMA, so you would think she would do her homework. However, Ginger was filling in on The View when she mispronounced a guest’s book title. She then had to be corrected by co-host Sunny Hostin.

On July 12, 2018, comedian, podcaster, and best-selling author Phoebe Robinson visited the show. She was there to discuss her book, as well as her Hulu series Everything’s Trash. Hostin discussed the show and how it is based on Robinson’s real life. Robinson then spoke about how much she loves reading. That’s when Zee jumped into the fray and made her mistake. “Speaking of books. You just released the paperback version of Please Don’t Sit on My Bed With Your Outdoor Clothes.” 

The book’s cover appeared on the screen as a photo. The View‘s fans immediately noticed that Ginger had made a mistake with the name. The title is actually Please Don’t Sit On My Bed In Your Outside Clothes. Sunny Hostin could be heard on air saying, “Outside Clothes.” Outdoor vs. Outside can mean all of the difference in a Google search.

However, Ginger Zee is experienced with minor on-air gaffes. Her time at GMA has taught her to soldier on. With that said, Zee ignored Hostin and continued to talk about her feelings about the book. The rest of The View segment was smooth sailing.

The View is no stranger to on-air mistakes lately

Whoopi Goldberg has been a long-time host of The View. However, she has made a series of live mistakes on the show lately. During a recent show, the host panel was discussing the controversy surrounding Jill Biden’s statements. Whoopi being a comedian first, attempted to make a joke. Everyone was quipping about how The First Lady pronounced the word “bodega” in her speech. The panel claimed she kept pronouncing it “bogeda.” Whoopi tried to make a geographic joke out of it, continuing the mocking. “I thought that was a place in Bolivia. Bogeda,” the Sister Act star quipped.

However, the joke quickly blew up in her face. A View co-host corrected her to tell her that the city was called Bogotá and is located in Colombia, not Bolivia. “Ah,” Whoopi said, clearly embarrassed. However, unlike Ginger Zee, she noted her mistake. “That’s right, it is Colombia,” said. Then, as though speaking to her brain she loudly bellowed, “Hello!”

During an interview with singer Neyo, Whoopi suffered another embarrassing slip-up. 

“Thank you for always being here for us,” she said at the close of the segment. She then added an odd bit of praise to the singer. “we do love the poo out of you.” Seeming a bit thrown off, Whoopi then blundered through the rest of the segment. She then instructed viewers to pre-order Neyo’s album, but urged them to do it “at the end of the show.” Continuing to struggle, she soldiered on. “So we can get the… nee… what’s it called,” before giving up and looking to her co-hosts for help. One co-host blurted out, “Nielsen ratings,” which other members of The View panel seemed to confirm. “We want the ratings,” Goldberg joked.