‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Says the Show Pushes Her ‘Outside of My Comfort Zone’

by Chris Piner

With Summer officially over, numerous television networks revealed their Fall lineup and, not surprisingly, The View returns this September with a new host. Not afraid to discuss hot topics, opinions, and politics, The View has entertained and stunned guests for the past 25 years. And with the show returning, it seems that longtime contributor, Ana Navarro, landed herself a recurring position on the show. With a seat at the big table, Navarro, who appeared on networks like ABC News, Telemundo, and CNN, noted her presence on television is nothing new. But that doesn’t mean she is comfortable as she claimed the show pushes her outside her boundaries. 

Posting a video of Ana Navarro on their social website, Ana Navarro admitted, “Left to my own vices, I would only speak about politics but I get pushed outside of my comfort zone and talk about pop culture and things that are relatable. The thing about The View is that you have to open up about your real life and because viewers want to hear how it relates to them, how it relates to you.” She added that no show has a connection with their audience as much as The View does.  “They’re loyal viewers who’ve been watching year after year, show after show.”

Ana Navarro Discusses The Dedicated Fans Of The View

Another point about the fans of The View that made Ana Navarro nervous was how they remember every little detail. “One thing about The View is you gotta be consistent because these viewers remember the stuff you said three years ago on Wednesday on that show when Kim Kardashian was on. Viewers of The View know when you’re up, when you’re down, they know when you’re sad, they know when you cut your hair, they know when you’ve colored your hair, they know when you’ve gained weight, they know when you’ve loves weight, they know when you’re in a good mood, they know when you’ve in a bad mood. So you’ve got to just come here and be yourself, be authentic…”  

Alongside Ana Navarro this season, The View is also helmed by veterans of the series, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin. 

Although Ana Navarro might be a little nervous about gaining a permanent residence on The View, fans were thrilled. “I’m SO happy Ana will be a permanent co host. She is so damn smart and has a wicked sense of humor. I love her chemistry w/the other women, especially Joy.”

One fan continued, “The View made a very wise decision by hiring Ana. She is passionate, smart and a very honest woman. Love you Ana. By the way my husband only watched the View when Ana was on the show.”