‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Speaks Out About Her Father in Emotional Post

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying a much-needed vacation in Spain before a new season of The View begins, co-host Ana Navarro takes to Instagram to share some snapshots of her emotional moments with her father. 

“Every time I come here, my love for Spain grows,” The View co-host wrote in the post, which features snapshots of the vacation. “I think it’s the best seafood in the world. This time it is made special because we brought my dad along.”

The View star then wrote about how her father has had a “very tough” few years. Her goal is to give him as much joy as she can. “Grateful my husband is supportive. Both yesterday and today, we’ve run smack into my mom’s name on the streets of Madrid. Yesterday, we happened into a statue of ‘La Violetera’ and today, we drove by a store called, ‘La Violeta.’ I’d like to think she’s letting me know she’s happy we are together.”

The father-daughter vacation comes nearly a year after The View co-host lost her mother, Violeta, who had been ill for a while. In a social media post, Navarro made the announcement. “RIP, Mamí (1940-2021),” she wrote on her Instagram page. “I wish you’d been able to enjoy health & your family longer. As your youngest, I’m grateful for the 50 yrs of unconditional love and support you gave me. Go in peace. We’ll look after dad. Hug my brother for me. I’ll miss u always. Until we meet again.”

‘The View’ Co-Host Ana Navarro Reveals Why She Wasn’t With Her Mother at the Time of Her Death

Also in the post dedicated to her mother, The View co-host Ana Navarro spoke about why she was unable to be with her at the time of her death. 

“The dictator there has denied entry to media and jailed many of his critics,” Navarro explained. “My dad, the love of her life, and her husband of more than sixty years, was with her when she passed. She’s been very ill for four months.”

Navarro also shared that her family knew her mother’s death was coming. “I know there’s many people going through the same long and painful goodbyes with their loved ones, and having to keep putting one foot in front of the other,” she wrote. Navarro also said she thought she was ready for her mother’s death. “I wanted her to rest and be free from suffering. I’m not sure it’s possible to ever be ready to lose your parents.”

Navarro went on to add that while she is sad about the loss, she also knows it is a privilege to be able to bury her parents and not the other way around. “I wish my mom had been in good health a little longer.”