‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Opens Up About New Addition Alyssa Farah Griffin

by Suzanne Halliburton

Joy Behar, the queen liberal on The View, said she believes the show’s new conservative host will get along far better with the other women than the last one did.

The View made two big announcements Thursday, as the show ends its 25th season. ABC promoted Alyssa Farah Griffin, who appeared more than two dozen times as a guest host, to a permanent spot at the table. Meanwhile, the network bumped Ana Navarro, a part-time host, to full-time.

Behar talked about her relationship with Griffin in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. And she chatted about how Griffin is different than Meghan McCain, who left The View this time a year ago after a very combative three seasons.

“Alyssa has got a whole different personality,” Behar said. “I think it will be smoother, frankly. I think this girl is going to do very well — I call her girl because she’s only 32 years old.”

Like McCain, Griffin is a conservative who has openly criticized former President Donald Trump. McCain didn’t like the way Trump criticized her father, John McCain, especially after he died. Meanwhile, Griffin worked in the Trump administration. She was a press secretary for both the Pentagon and then VP Mike Pence. And she served 10 months as Trump’s senior communications director. She left in December, 2020. And Griffin also has worked with the Jan. 6 committee, sending them witnesses from the White House.

The View named Alyssa Farah Griffin as a new co-host. (ABC/Lou Rocco) ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN

But McCain often got into verbal fights with her other The View co-hosts, particularly Behar. The 79-year-old is the only host from the original panel still working for the show in 2022. But even she left and came back.

Behar made a sports analogy to ET to talk about what kind of advice she gives to the women joining The View.

“This show is a volleyball game, it’s not a golf game,” Behar said. “If you know to hit the ball and wait for it to come back to you, you’ll be fine. That’s the only advice I ever give anybody.”

The show introduced Griffin Thursday about midway through the hour. Her hiring wasn’t a well-kept secret. News leaked earlier this summer, although The View continued to bring back certain guest hosts who lean to the right.

“I really want to give a voice to the millions of Americans who do lean right of center,” Griffin told ET. “I’ve spoken out against the former president [Trump], but 70 million Americans voted for him and many of those people are patriotic, decent Americans who just want something a little different than what they’re seeing in Washington.

“I’m hoping I can represent those Americans and a lot of the middle country too who often feel like their voices aren’t heard,” she said. “I’m confident in my positions. I’ve worked in Republican politics for longer than I’d like to admit.”

Navarro is a fan favorite. She’ll appear on The View on Fridays and Mondays. She lives in Miami with her husband and “needy dog” and works other projects. Navarro told the audience Thursday that she could only do a limited amount of episodes per week.