‘The View’ Hosts Shocked To Learn Whoopi Goldberg Has No Eyebrows

by Craig Garrett

Cohosts of The View were raising their eyebrows over a grooming practice Whoopi Goldberg has had for decades. While discussing how Hollywood has succumbed to the bleached brows craze, Goldberg’s cohosts were stunned to learn that she has no brows of her own. Despite sitting next to her for years, points out an article from Decider.

In Monday’s episode, Whoopi Goldberg raised the subject while openly mocking the debate. The segment was clearly not something that interested her. She told fans, “I have to do this with a straight face.” She then deadpanned her delivery of the remaining introduction. “Stars like Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Doja Cat are getting in on the trend of shaving or bleaching their eyebrows.”

Next, Whoopi Goldberg asked her cohorts a somewhat leading question. “How do you feel about this no-brow look?” The Sister Act star then mugged for the camera while raising her brows. Sara Haines was the first to speak up, admitting that in the six years they’ve sat next to each other on the show, she never once noticed Goldberg’s lack of eyebrows.“I look right into your eyes and I did not know this,” Haines joked.

Whoopi Goldberg slowed down to explain her look to her cohosts

Sunny Hostin then asked if Goldberg ever had eyebrows as a youngster. Yes, she did have brows when she was a kid, Goldberg confirmed. Her mother, however, removed them after she began to develop pimples on her face. She stated that because it’s what she’s used to, she’s continued the habit. “I don’t know my face with eyebrows unless I’m working,” Whoopi explained.

Cohost Ana Navarro also weighed in. “I, too, was today-years-old when I noticed you had no eyebrows,” She went on to confess that she didn’t notice when Goldberg’s brows were painted on for film roles.

Goldberg then demonstrated a tutorial for her clueless cohosts. With flair, grace, and patience she removed her glasses. As she spoke she revealed how the mind sees what it wants to see. “What you can see on my face is, you know where they went,” she explained. “You know where they are, right? You see, and so when you look at me, your eye sees eyebrows where there are none.”

It was just last week when Whoopi Goldberg had to slow down the show for another reason. After having a summer break, The View returned for a new season. However, Goldberg was clearly showing some ring rust. She attempted to end the show a full 20 minutes early, not realizing there was another segment coming up. Luckily, her cohosts were there to pick up the slack. As Goldberg glanced at her cue cards, confused, Sunny Hostin turned on the charm. “We’re back in the groove!” Hostin joked. “All right, whatever. We’ll be back!”, Goldberg deadpanned.