‘The View’ Hosts Slammed for Wildly Expensive Bahamas Vacation

by Taylor Cunningham

The ladies of The View are catching some flak for taking a week-long vacation to a wildly expensive Caribbean paradise.

The TV series just marked a milestone 25 years on the air. So to celebrate, hosts Sara Haines, Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro took a group getaway to the Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas. And they’ve been recording the show live on location.

The lavish resort includes three hotels—SLS, Grand Hyatt, and Rosewood. And they all cost a small fortune per night. As The Sun reports, the most costly of the hotels in the Rosewood.

To stay there, guests hand over $14,358 a night for a beachside six-bedroom villa, $12,358 a night for a three-bedroom penthouse suite, or $2,577 a night for a one-bedroom ocean-view suite.

Since their vacation began, the series and the stars have been sharing their experiences on social media. But fans have not been meeting the posts quite how The View expected.

Instead of enjoying the episodes that highlight the panel’s special retreat, they’ve been upset that the series would choose such an unattainable location while the audience is suffering the onset of a recession.

“Ahhhhh corporate media having fun while the US burns,” someone replied next to a video of the hosts getting to know the Baha Mar staff members.

“Awwww. How nice. Those who are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars can see a vacation spot firsthand on TV,” another follower wrote alongside a photo.

“Great visual,” reads another commend. “Living it up in the Bahamas while the average Joe [and] Jane can’t afford to fill up their car with gas.”

The Ladies of ‘The View’ Are Living it Up in the Bahamas

Nonetheless, the ladies have been enjoying all the perks of the exclusive resort. On the show and on social media, they’ve been sipping cocktails inside Rosewood’s Manor Bar and trying their luck at the Hyatt casino.

They’ve also been relaxing at the five-star spa, dining at world-class restaurants, and checking out a long list of exciting excursions.

And Hostin and Haines took a special trip to Baha Mar’s 15-acre waterpark while their friends lounged by the pools.

“Good for them. Money wasted in a time where things are tight,” another angry follower wrote to the show. “But you all have a great time there.”

While many fans are seemingly upset about the 25th-anniversary celebration, the ladies aren’t missing a moment of fun. And they’ll continue to share their experiences from the Bahamas throughout the remainder of the week.