‘The View’ Makes Major Set Change for Season 26 After Joy Behar Fall

by Shelby Scott

Season 26 of The View kicked off Tuesday, September 6th, and viewers noted a humorous difference in the show’s set. Rather than the standard swivel chairs that typically adorn the stage, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and the rest of the talk show’s panelists were seated upon much sturdier-looking white chairs. Lacking the capability to spin, each chair boasts four legs that are firmly planted on the stage floor.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the furniture adjustment came after 79-year-old host Joy Behar took a serious tumble from the old chairs back in March. Check out the clip below for a good laugh.

Pulling herself up off the ground, with an assist from Goldberg and fellow cohost Sunny Hostin, Behar joked, “25 years that has never happened! Who do I sue?”

Behar’s fall from the treacherous chair came on air. However, Hostin assured fans she and each one of her costars have fallen from the swivel chairs at one point or another.

“[Y]ou touch it and you’re on the ground,” Goldberg said to fans.

Given the attention Joy Behar received from fans and the media alike following her dramatic fall in March, it’s interesting that none of The View’s current panelists, which now also include Alyssa Farah Griffin and Anna Navaro, addressed the update.

‘The View’ Fans Demand More Change Following Addition of Two New Hosts

With new chairs and two new cohosts, The View’s 26th season seems to be adopting some much-needed changes. At least, that’s what many of the talk show’s fans are saying. The premiere of the new season aired Tuesday, but last month’s trailer seemingly left something to be desired.

Taking to Instagram, The View wrote in the promo post, “New views. New cohosts. The countdown is on.”

Although fans, taking to the comments, argued after viewing the clip that little has actually changed.

“Anyone else just praying for a new or updated set set/colors/graphics???” one fan asked in the comments. Another more enthusiastically added, “I would love a new set! I think the update for Season 25 were good and will probably last another year, but in terms of the bare bones, they’ve had this set since 2014! Time for a change!”

A third fan suggested, “New aesthetics coming? Remodeling? 7th co-host announcement soon?”

Meanwhile, one observant fan did note a slight color change. Compared to the above comments, The View fan asked, “Anyone else notice the tint of blue changed? It’s darker compared to the light blue of last season.”

Whether or not The View decides to incorporate more updates as the 26th season continues remains to be seen. However, whether or not we see more new graphics or set updates, the long-running series nevertheless remains America’s number one daytime TV talk show.