‘The View’s Newest Co-Host Ana Navarro Says Viewers Always ‘Remember the Stuff You Say’

by Taylor Cunningham

As Ana Navarro moves into her new role as an official co-host of The View, she’s reflecting on how the series has transformed her on-air career for both the better and the worst.

The political strategist has been a staple guest commentator on The View since 2013. And over the years, she’s become a fan favorite for conservative-leaning fans. When republican host Meghan McCain left the panel in 2021, people hoped that Navarro would fill the void. But instead, Alyssa Farah Griffin got the job.

However, the talk show has promoted Ana Navarro to official part-time co-host. With the new status, Navarro will appear on the show several times a week. Her responsibilities will begin when Season 26 opens next month.

Ahead of the premiere, Navarro sat down to discuss her time on the show and explain how working in daytime TV differs from her past work.

“Left to my own vices, I would only speak about politics,” she shared in Twitter video. “But I get pushed outside of my comfort zone and talk about pop culture and things that are relatable. The thing about The View is that you have to open up about your real life because viewers want to hear how it relates to them, how it relates to you.”

Ana Navarro Says She Has to Always ‘Be Authentic’ While Hosting ‘The View’

Navarro continued by sharing that The View has a different type of audience than her former gigs such as CNN Newsroom, Anderson Cooper 360°, and New Day. While all of her work has been political, fans of The View are more loyal. And they’re interested in connecting with the hosts on a personal level. That means she’s under a personal type of scrutiny.

“One thing about The View is you gotta be consistent because these viewers remember the stuff you said three years ago on Wednesday on that show when Kim Kardashian was on,” she added. “Viewers of The View know when you’re up when you’re down. They know when you’re sad. They know when you cut your hair. And they know when you’ve colored your hair, they know when you’ve gained weight, they know when you’ve lost weight, they know when you’re in a good mood, they know when you’re in a bad mood. So you’ve got to just come here and be yourself, be authentic.”

You can watch Ana Navarro step into her new role when Season 26 debuts on September 26th at 11 am ET on ABC.