‘The View’ Officially Reveals Announcement Date for New Permanent Co-Host

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly a year after Meghan McCain officially departed from “The View,” ABC’s hit daytime talk show has revealed the announcement date for the new permanent co-host. 

“Who will be the next co-host of ‘The View’? The wait is finally over!” the talk show’s social media post reads. It was then noted that Thursday (August 4th) will be when the new co-host will be officially revealed. 

As previously reported, rumors have been circulating that Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former communications director of President Trump will be joining “The View” as a permanent co-host. However, in late July, a spokesperson from the talk show declined to confirm if Farah Griffin is officially taking the vacant seat. “We do not have a co-host announcement to make at this time. Stay tuned.”

Prior to being a communications director of President Trump, Farah Griffin served as Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary. She was also in a similar position at the Department of Defense. In December 2020, Farah Griffin resigned from her position at the White House and has become an open critic of President Trump. 

‘The View’ Fans Remain ‘Skeptical’ About the Potential Permanent Co-Host 

Following the news that Alyssa Farah Griffin may be selected as the new permanent co-host on “The View,” fans of the talk show shared their thoughts and skepticism about the situation. 

“If you wanted a conservative at the table, you should have chosen Tara Setmayer,” one of “The View” fan wrote on the Twitter post. “A smart conservative who refuses to debase herself by supporting Trump or working in his administration. Good luck rehabilitating Alyssa Farah Griffin who would be proudly remained in his admin had he won.”

Another “The View” fan also chimed in that Farah Griffin is a Trump propagandist. “Are ABC News execs really not paying attention to the [Janaury 6th hearings]? Farah was an instrumental cog that pushed out Trump’s destructive LIES for a living. Hiring AF tells us ‘The View’ condones her disgraceful behavior. True for CNN as well.”

Meanwhiles, others are confused about why Ana Navarro isn’t in the running for the permanent co-host position. “I don’t understand why it isn’t Ana. I assume that was a given.”

‘The View’ Co-Host Seems Divided About the Potential Newcomer to the ‘Hot Topics’ Table

Meanwhile, the current “The View” co-hosts have also reportedly been skeptical over the new co-host reports as well. Recently, long-time co-host Joy Behar got into with Farah Griffin on the stage while asking if Will Smith’s apology to Chris Rock was sufficient enough for everyone. Farah Griffin stated that while it was an important first step, she believed that Smith has got to go further. “Even the fact that he didn’t do this in more of an interview format where he might get challenged with some tough questions, I was a little surprised.”

However, Farah Griffin then stated that Smith should go and talk to “The View” competitor Oprah. This made Behar shot back at the guest co-host with “Or come here.”

Behar went even further by asking Farah Griffin why give the booking to Oprah. She responded with, “Right? Sorry!”