‘The View’ Original Hosts Reunite for 25th Anniversary Special

by Megan Molseed

It’s been 25 years since the original ladies of The View first sat down at the popular daytime television talk show’s conversation table. Now, the original hosts are making an unforgettable return to the View’s stage for an anniversary special.

The original hosts of The View, Joy Behar, 79; Meredith Viera, 68; Star Jones, 60, and Debbie Matenopoulos, 47, have joined forces yet again for the show’s anniversary celebration.

And, recently, Matenopoulos shared a big moment on her Insta page as the cohosts reunited for the big moment. And, the View host notes in her message, the group picked up right where they left off all those years ago. Ready for some intriguing conversations, no doubt!

“This Is Us!!!” the former View host exclaims in her Insta post.

“So great having dinner and catching up with my very first TV sisters for @theviewabc 25th year reunion special shoot,” Debbie Metanopuolos continues.

“There can only ever be one first,” she adds. “And that was us!”

Former The View Hosts Re-Connect Without Missing A ‘Beat’

In her Instagram post, Debbie Metanopuolos shares a pic of herself, Jones, Behar, and Viera as all four are smiling for the candid pic. It’s almost as if we’ve stepped back to the show’s 1997 premiere when the former View hosts first made an impression on the airwaves.

“It’s like we hadn’t missed a beat,” Metanopuolos continues in her Insta post.

“If you know…you know!!!” the TV star adds. “Take a little time to enjoy THIS original View everyone!”

The View Was Developed To Explore Different Opinions – Not Address Political Controversy

Over the last few years, The View has been steeped in some pretty major politically-charged drama. However, former host Debbie Metanopuolos points out that this was never the original goal of the daytime talk show. Instead, the daytime talk show series was initially intended to simply offer differing points of view; opening up a variety of conversations.

“It was just meant to be, ‘Here’s your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, your cousin, your younger sister,” Matenopoulos explains. “All sitting there chatting about the same topic.”

“And they are all going to have different ideas,” the host explains. “Because they are coming from different generations and different backgrounds.”

Matenopoulos adds that the original intent of The View was to simply promote differing points of view and a “fun conversation.” The kind of conversation a group of women would normally have while sitting around a table and having conversations.

“It was about having a fun conversation and seeing where it comes out,” Matenopoulos explains. “And for all of us to learn from one another.”