‘The View’ Ratings Falter as Fans Boycott, Demanding Whoopi Goldberg Be Fired

by Caitlin Berard

Since 1997, The View has been entertaining viewers with its lighthearted stories and endearing female hosts. Originally created by TV legend Barbara Walters, the daytime talk show has endured for decades, even reaching No. 1 in Households and Total Viewers among talk shows and news programs.

Lately, however, the once-beloved show has taken a hit in the ratings. Since 2020, The View has slowly but surely lost viewers, dropping from 2.5 to 2.2 million in the last two years. This decline in viewership is partially due to a boycott from fans, who have grown particularly tired of long-time co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg has hosted The View for 15 years. Many viewers, however, feel she’s no longer the Whoopi who once won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host. Instead, she’s a continuous source of “tone deaf” and controversial comments.

Fans Boycott ‘The View’ After These Comments From Whoopi Goldberg

Depending on the channel or show you’re watching, colorful language and potentially inappropriate themes are to be expected on television. One place fans don’t expect to find them, however, is on a daytime talk show.

Though the hosts of The View do talk about the “Hot Topics” of the day, they typically do so in a lighter manner than you might find from other sources. The hosts and guests also give viewers lifestyle tips on everything from beauty to fashion to relationships.

Viewers have noticed that the show isn’t quite as lighthearted as it used to be, with Whoopi and her fellow hosts cursing and delving into topics unsuitable for such a sunny show. Whoopi Goldberg, for example, proclaimed “sometimes you have to be an a– to be a parent,” causing a mixed reaction among fans.

This foul language on-air came after a rant about the Holocaust earlier this year, during which Whoopi claimed it wasn’t “about race.”

The comment resulted in a brief suspension, but no further action was taken at the time. This led to a petition from fans demanding the host be fired from the series that now has over 40,000 signatures.

Goldberg has since issued an apology and retracted her original statements. However, there seems to be no end in sight to the inappropriate comments. As such, fans are beginning to lose interest in the show altogether.

“Whoopi and Sunny’s [Hostin] foul language was a bit much today,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Between Whoopi using the word ‘b—hin’ and Sunny referring to Republicans ‘p—ing on her leg when it’s raining,’ I had to turn off,” another said.