‘The View’ Reportedly Picks Meghan McCain’s Replacement

by Taylor Cunningham

The View has reportedly hired a new conservative panelist more than a year after Megahan McCain walked away from the series.

According to The New York Post, Alyssa Farah Griffin is rumored to be joining the daytime TV talk show as the newest co-host. When The Post reached out for comment, a spokesperson with The View declined to confirm the news saying, “We do not have a co-host announcement to make at this time. Stay tuned.”

However, an insider with the Daily Mail leaked the news and claimed that the series would make an announcement before the end of the current season.

Alyssa Farah Griffin is a 33-year-old political advisor who once worked as a communications director for President Donald Trump. She began her career with the administration as Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary. Then, she took a similar position in the Department of Defense before settling in Trump’s press office.

Griffin resigned in December 2020 and has since become an open critic of her former boss.

Farah Griffin has frequented The View as a guest host after Meghan McCain left on July 1st, 2021. And if the source is correct, that means that she beat out several other conservative guest-hosts who were vying for the seat.

‘The View’ Struggled to Replace Meghan McCain

The View has been struggling to hire a republican co-host since McCain’s exit. When she was a member of the panel, her emotional arguments with Joy Behar earned solid ratings. And when she left, the audience began to tune out.

Unfortunately, those arguments left some possible co-hosts with uneasy feelings about taking a permanent position with the show. And former stand-ins Candace Cameron Bure and Abby Huntsman said that the atmosphere is “unbearable” for conservative voices.

McCain also revealed that she was treated as a punching bag by the liberal hosts and producers.

Each host picks a topic. They give you a list at night. I would obviously choose the one that made Democrats look bad,” she wrote in her book Bad Republican. “It was much harder to get those on-air because all the producers are liberal. All the hosts are liberal. … I used to say, ‘This is crazy-making. You’ve got to hire more Republicans on staff.’ I always thought for TV, for the viewers watching, it benefits everybody to have more balance. I didn’t feel like there was balance.”

Because of the constant drama, many are shocked by Farah Griffin’s possible choice to join The View. And according to the Daily Mail’s insider, the current hosts are also shocked—and altogether displeased with the show’s decision.

“Her soon-to-be co-hosts are very upset,” the insider said. “They feel she isn’t authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is.”